We Say We Want Peace?

In his book, The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden tells of an indigenous man who shares the idea of unity with him. The man likens it to the sage that is growing around them; although it seems separate, there are the roots below the surface that are one, entwined and growing together. This, he states, is how we are connected. We are one.

We say the same thing in our Science of Mind and Spirit. There is multiplicity that comes from a Unity. The same substance that makes the rosebud is our substance. There is only one Energy and it expresses in as many ideas as there are forms of creation. It is Infinite in its scope. Ernest Holmes wrote, “The furtherance of evolution depends upon our ability to sense a unity with Nature and her forces. When the knowledge of this unity comes alike to all, the tread of armies will cease and the bugle call will echo the soft notes of brotherly love.” 

What a day that will be, and I do stay focused on the truth that it is coming. More and more of us are looking to spiritual solutions to our challenges as a planet. When we find out and correct the thinking that is behind these challenges, we will correct the wrongs we have done and right them. I believe this.

I also know that we cannot wait for, what we call the world to catch this vision. We are the world in microcosm. We must each catch it right where we are. We must begin, right where we are, to love ourselves and those around us a little more. We must settle the confusions between each other and have more patience, compassion and acceptance. We can begin by straightening out our own thoughts about our identity. We are more than the skin we live in. We are magnificent, Divine beings with volition and choice. We can decide how we want to think and how we want to live. We are more than our reactions to outside forces.

When more and more of us become aware of this Unity that begins right where we are, we will create a new prophecy. There is still time. We are not doomed to the predictions of the ancient ones. We are new in every moment and as we live in that newness with faith and a determination to change from within, we will experience what the Essenes saw for us. “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more; For the former things are passed away.”

We each have the capacity to put our swords down right where we are – the swords we strike against ourselves, the swords we use on others. As we do, we will see the ripple effect. It has already been proven in mass meditations focused on peace. We just need to keep it up a little more than just one designated hour. We need to make it a way of life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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