Will I Get Everything Done?

I’ve had a lot on my plate of late. It seems I move from one big project to the next. If I look back on my life, I can see it has always been this way. However, since I’ve become a Director of a Center for Spiritual Living it is accelerated. The great news for me is that I love what I do. But, even though I love what I do and would and have done it for free, I still have to take the time to nurture myself.

I’ve had to learn that it is okay to nurture myself. So, in the midst of the many things coming up in this next month, we’ve decided to take two much-needed days off for a stay-cation. My husband and I look at each other and ask, “how are we going to do that and still get everything done?” Then, we answer, “we have to.” A mentor of mine who ran her own Center once said to me, “When you think you can’t take that day off, that is the time that you most need it. You have to.”

Well, what I’ve found so far is that it does always get done and it gets done more easily and with less effort. The reason is that there is a Law of my being that responds to my intentions. As Dr. Joe Dispenza has stated, and as I’ve learned by practicing the Science of Mind and Spirit, a clear intention married to an elevated emotion must come back to me as a fact in the world of form. The more I practice this Science in the areas of my life that are most difficult for me, the stronger I become in the knowing that it works when I work it.

Some of us were brought up with the idea that it was selfish to take care of ourselves. We were taught that we should put everyone’s needs above our own. I was most definitely one of those people. Therefore, breaking through this belief that was instilled in me has taken persistence and the ability to just step out and move beyond it.

This is true with all beliefs that are lodged in our subconscious. These beliefs (sometimes unconscious) can run our life if we let them. The only way around it is to deliberately and audaciously make another decision and move with it. Some will ask, but how do I know if my intention is a good one?  Of course, you know the difference between right or wrong, so please do not use this as an excuse.

Today, my intention is to get all the things done that are in front of me and to get them done with ease and grace. By the time, the sun sets on Sunday, I know that I am satisfied with my accomplishments and that right now is the only moment that matters. As I get ready for this day, I just put one thought in front the other and move with clarity, peace of mind and the energy of the Divine. I’m knowing the same for you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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