What Do I Want?

It has come to my attention that the most important question we can ask ourselves when we seem to be unsettled about something is “What do I want?” or “What is wanting to be known here?” 

When I am doing a session with someone and they are going round in circles telling me their story, their woes and all that is wrong with the experience they are having, the question finally comes to the foreground: What do you want? What is wanting to be revealed?  Once we know what we want, everything is here to back that answer.

I am beginning to understand at a deeper level that it is important to ask myself this question before I even put my feet on the floor in the morning. This morning I found myself saying, “I won’t get out of this bed until I am clear on how I am feeling and how I want to feel. I won’t get out of this bed until I know how I want this day to unfold.” 

When we have issues with others, instead of pointing our finger out and blaming them for how we are feeling or what they are not doing, we can go back and ask, “What do I want here?” The answer will come back to where it belongs – within us.

Asking the question “What do I want?” isn’t about material wants, it is about what we want to experience and what direction we want our life to go, and more than this I am sure.” If I find myself in any sort of confusion about anything, I sit quietly, take a breath, center within and ask, “What do I want?’ I do not give the answer I think I want to hear, instead I receive the answer that is given. I am surprised at how simple the answer is and how, really, it was here all the time.

All the answers to everything, including what we think are other people’s problems, lie within ourselves. Everything is a mirror, reflecting ourselves back to ourselves. Asking the question, “what do I want?” and then moving with the answer into Spiritual Mind Treatment brings a peaceful conclusion and the path is made clear. Then we must be willing to surrender and let the path unfold. Everything that follows is an answer to the direction we’ve moved our energy through Treatment.

I’m grateful for this question and grateful to be able to answer honestly. I am grateful for Spiritual Mind Treatment that moves the energy with my answer into experience.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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