Demonstrating Peace

“There are no obstructions to Life’s Path, no hindrance to our endeavors. Let my Word be the Law of elimination to all thought of hindrance or delay. And, let the thing that I speak come forth into manifestation at once. I behold it and see that it is even now done, complete and perfect. I RECEIVE NOW!” Ernest Holmes

Last night in one of our classes here at CSL Kaua’i, we had quite a discussion concerning the time it takes something to manifest, for a demonstration to be made. One person asked. “I’ve been praying for world peace. Is the fact that it isn’t here mean I do not believe it?” 

What a great question, and the only answer I have is the one I understand right now. We are the world, and until we have total peace within ourselves, we cannot experience world peace. Even if there was world peace, unless we shifted, we’d still be at war.

A demonstration is not about the material appearance of something. It is a shift in consciousness. Once our consciousness is shifts in regards to any obstruction to Life’s flow, the demonstration in form takes place in the perfect right way and time. If we believe in delay, we will have delay. If we believe in a process there will be a process. If we believe that it will be difficult, it will be difficult. Everything that appears within our life is according to our belief. On the other hand, if we believe that our Word “is the elimination of all thought of hindrance and delay,” so be it.

More of the world believes in war right now, or so it seems; however, that doesn’t mean that we cannot have peace on an individual basis. And, the more this occurs, the more, the ripple effect will occur. So, as always, the only place to start, is within.

Each of us are responsible for our own lives, our own demonstrations, our own consciousness. I’m grateful for all the people who are wise and good teachers that show up on my path, but in the end, it is my decision, my shift that needs to occur.

Truth is a folding gate that opens inward. As soon as we truly accept this and begin to do our work as individual expressions in the collective field, the sooner we will see it out in the world. We’ll be looking with different eyes. As our perception changes, the experiences change. I know this is true, because I have seen it in so many areas of my life. Sometimes, nothing on the outside has changed, but I feel so different inside that it seems that everything is different. A shift in consciousness can seem like an instant manifestation.

What is felt within ripples out into the field and is felt everywhere. This is the scientific and spiritual truth. We are a little world in a big world. Everything affects everything! We get to choose how we show up and do the affecting and how and when we received the effect.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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