Riding these Times…

How important it is to keep the negative from our thoughts and minds? Our mind is reflected in our bodies and out-pictured as our  life.  What the mystics have taught and lived through faith alone is now scientifically proven. It is of most importance! And yet, do we believe in its importance?

We might say it is not easy to stay positive during these times. We are pulled by the thoughts of those around us, the fears, the negative conversations, our own ailments, etc. We watch the news and feel like there is nothing we can do. The more we get involved with all that is going on outside, the more we create turmoil inside.

The Truth is we have the capacity to be at peace about everything. We have the capability and power to focus on the positive outcome of everything. Does this mean we do not get involved in the world? For me, it means I can do more good working on my own positive thinking before I step out into the world. There is a beautiful quote by Emmet Fox and it goes like this:

“Yes, move your feet – but remember God can do no more for you than God can do through you. All the help of God cannot aid you except as it flows through your consciousness, through your faith, through your vision. So before you attempt to raise money (or do anything), the fist step should be to raise consciousness, to know that the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”

There is a Power within us. Call it God or whatever you want to call it. It can move mountains and change experience, but it can only do it through us. We each must do our part to get our own houses in order. This, for me, is where the great secret lies. Science now knows that what is known and felt in one place is felt everywhere. We are all affecting each other. I wrote about this yesterday.

So, what am I going to do today. I am going to focus on gratitude. I am going to focus on the positive. When a negative thought comes up, I am going to address it, ask what needs to be revealed, listen, decide what I want to think, and affirm the positive. I’ll do it as many times as I have to shift myself. It gets easier and easier. Yesterday, I had two incidents where by doing this, I shifted the experience immediately.

We can ride these times with ease and grace when we realize that the Power lies within us to do so, and, when we make a decision to do so.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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