The Secret Re-visted

Last night we watched the film, “The Secret.” It was wonderful to revisit this film after over ten years. Thank you, Rhonda Byrne! I saw it with new eyes and a more empowered mind. One thing that was so clear and what I focused on in an earlier writing this week is how important it is to keep our attention on what we want and become disinterested in what we do not want. I believe that if we could just begin in this one place, we would see our lives turn around quickly.

One of the major reasons for this is the idea of emotion and thought working together. We get so impassioned about what we do not want. Complaining is the chief cornerstone of focusing on those things we do not want. We complain about bad health. We complain about other people. We complain about the world, politicians and everything else. We are in a highly emotional state when discussing what we do not want.

I think the most important message of the film was that thought empowered by emotion or feeling brings our circumstances to us. As we say in the Science of Mind and Spirit, “God can do nothing for us unless it expresses through us.”  Getting excited and passionate about life and those things we want to experience as if they already were happening is the key to manifestation.

So, when things are not going well, or we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the first thing to do is to start all over. Give gratitude for what we have. It is important to get ourselves in a state of passion by focusing on those things that excite us and get us moving. The rewards of doing this, starting right from where we are in small ways, is the key to happiness and a beautifully fulfilling life.

As the Bible quote says, “It is the Father’s Good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.” Of course, The message here for me is that the Kingdom of Heaven or Good is already here. We have to take it. By being grateful and focusing on Heaven, we experience it. As all the great mystics have said, we cannot create anything new from the energy of the old and stale.

What do you want? Why don’t you have it? More than likely, it is because you haven’t given it your attention. Instead, you’ve more than likely been really focused on those things you do not want.

There is a Law that works through that can create miracles in our lives when we give It the opportunity to. The only way to give It this opportunity is to tell it what we want and to get really excited about it and then to move into action from that place.

I loved watching this film, “The Secret,” again. It just re-enforced what I already know to be true in an even deeper way. It made me want to think bigger. It reminded me that even I could think more positively about everything. It instilled in me the importance of not getting bogged down by negativity. In fact, how important it is to not think negatively at all.

I realize that we might have a lot of what we consider reasons that allow us to indulge in negativity, but really, there is no place for it in our lives. Anyone who has created great change in their lives has known this. If we could remove the word, “against” from our vocabulary and our actions, we would be a long way to creating a more loving, peaceful, prosperous world, beginning with ourselves.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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