Notre Dame is Burning and our Hearts Unite!

I am so saddened by today’s news of the devastating fire burning the Notre Dame Cathedral. I send my love to the people of France and hold all of us in the center of Peace that I know exists even now in the midst of horrendous event. I further hold Jerusalem in my heart, as at almost the same time the Al-Aqsa Mosque is also afire.

When things like this happen, the first place our minds go is to terrorism or some heinous act of hatred. We wonder today the synchronicity of all of this happening during Holy Week and the nearing of Passover. It’s easy at times like these to turn our minds to the fear and doubt that there can ever be an ending to all that has transpired these past decades in the way of violence.

I trust we are all acknowledging our feelings of loss and sorrow and allowing ourselves to mourn and grieve. My question is, “But, what now?” I feel we must continue to do all we can to resist fear and despair. We cannot step far enough back to truly see this whole painting called life in the year 2019. I refuse to give up to fear. I pray for wisdom, understanding, compassion and knowing of what is mine to do.

Also, I listened to the French people say, “We will rebuild together.” These tragedies and the coming together of countries, people and, yes, enemies, makes me wonder about the creation of these events. Since I know we are responsible for what we contribute to the field of Energy, Race Consciousness, the one Mind, whatever you want to call it, why do we have to wait for tragedy to come together? Is there a way that we can create love and harmonious acts without tragedy? Can we begin to live lives of service and honor each other and our planet without tragedy? Can we come together without a fire to put out.

Science says we are on the precipice of the Sixth mass extinction. Do we realize that we are the ones that will become extinct? The planet will continue and rebuild itself, just like it always has for hundreds of thousands of years. We are the the ones who will be extinct at least from this earthly existence. We will go on, but if we don’t change our consciousness now, we’ll still take the consciousness we’ve developed here to our next abode. That’s what I believe. I’m open to another story and another ending.

God bless Notre Dame, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and all of us that have suffered loss.! What happens to one of us happens to all of us. We live in a tapestry of energy, where we all fill a space in endless space, seen and unseen.  If you feel hopeless at times like these, please do not desensitize. It’s tempting, but it won’t make things go away. Feel! Feel! Feel!

One of my favorite stories is the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. To add to the synchronicity of this week, our community theater here is performing the musical in a week, starring the grandson of a dear friend of ours. Love and forgiveness are the themes of this beautiful story.

If I had any message to give right now, it would be to find the place within ourselves where we can love more than we ever had. Move out in service, assist our planet, and each other now with love. Don’t wait for the next tragedy. Love might seem like a cliché word, but it’s not a word; it’s the one Energy that heals everything. We are love; we can’t escape it. We just have to reveal it within ourselves and put it into action. It’s not too late. Love can never be too late. It’s all we’ve got.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Notre Dame is Burning and our Hearts Unite!

  1. Thank you Dear Rita.  I sure needed your words today with all this. Love love love. Always the answer. Jackie


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