Get Real with the Science of Mind

This morning I am so grateful for the teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit that I have practiced and grown up in for over 20 years. I love it because it is open and the top, and, therefore, I am always growing and expanding. I can apply it to any challenge I have and get results that are lasting.

Yesterday, it was mentioned to me that people mistake our teaching as saying that we do not believe in going to doctors, and we do not have to address challenges that occur in our lives because we are perfect as we are. This is an extreme misinterpretation of this teaching and there are variations of these same points. However, THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH, and I have to stop right here and clarify what the Science of Mind and Spirit truly teaches.

It is very simple. We are Spiritual Beings living in a Spiritual Universe governed BY OUR USE of the Law of Cause and Effect. Notice, I capitalized BY OUR USE. We are perfect in the sense that we have everything within us to meet all of life in every moment. However, we impress a field of intelligence with our minds backed by emotion.

Everything is Source Energy and the Universe conspires for our highest Good at all times. The only goal Life has, if it has a goal is to bring us home to ourselves, reveal our greatness, power and unlimited life. We are to prove that Spiritual Thought Force is greater than material resistance. I believe we are here to master the world of form by spiritualizing everything.

So what does this look like when we are confronted with illness or financial disaster or relationships that just aren’t working. All of these things are calls for wholeness. They are spiritual experiences calling our attention so that we can go deeper and re-remember who we are. There is something occurring beyond what the experience is. We do not ignore having cancer, or being clinically depressed or having an empty checkbook. We work in tandem with experts on this earth plane, but we realize that we must address whatever is going on within us that causes us to think less of ourselves, and create undesirable experiences. This is not blame. It is taking responsibility for our life and remembering how powerful we are.  I believe it always comes back to loving ourselves and feeling that we deserve to live the unlimited, happy, joyful life.

It is not okay to say everything is all right when your life seems like a mess. Everything might be all right behind it all, but not addressing the world of form is called spiritually by-passing your challenges. The Science of Mind and Spirit teaches that there is a Power within us that is greater than any challenge that we could face. When we remember who we are and bring that power to life here on earth, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Life is a journey back to our true selves.

If we want to truly practice the Science of Mind and Spirit, we must delve into the teachings and actually use them. It is a practical teaching and is meant to be used to better our lives and assist us on the path to our Magnificence. We are not just these bodies that we inhabit. We are powerful Gods and Goddesses that are now evolving at an even faster pace. The earth is shifting into another dimension and is being lifted to a higher consciousness because more and more of us are getting this and practicing it. Call it the Science of Mind, call it Spiritual evolution, call it Quantum Physics, call it whatever you want, but I invite us all to use it, to practice it, to apply it to our challenges, to work hand in hand with doctors and financial advisors, but to realize that no one knows more about ourselves than we do. When we tune into our innate Powerhouse of Consciousness, and when we are truly honest with ourselves and decide to grow from right where we are, and start practicing, we are on our way.  It’s about getting REAL!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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