The Truth About Spiritual Mind Treatment

I’ve written a little book that is available on Amazon called “This Thing Called Treatment.” It gives a simple historical journey of the origins of this powerful healing modality.

If you have no idea what Spiritual Mind Treatment is you are missing out on one of the most powerful healing modalities which is free, takes only your own mind, and definitely works.

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment, otherwise known as affirmative prayer? Here is the text book definition: It is “the art, the act, and the science of consciously inducing thought within the Universal Subjectivity for the purpose of demonstrating that we are surrounded by a Creative Medium which responds to us through a law of correspondence. In more simple meaning, treatment is the time, process and method necessary to the changing of our thought. Treatment is clearing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the ever-presence of God.” 

Okay, that is a mouthful. Really simply, Spiritual Mind Treatment shifts our energy. It changes our beliefs that do not serve our highest good. If we are dwelling on beliefs of lack, it can direct our belief to abundance. If we are experiencing ill health, it can reveal our wholeness. If we are lonely and distraught, it can reveal our unity with all of life.

How does it do this? We now know that there is a Field of Energy that we impress with our thoughts. Ernest Holmes called it the Universal Subjectivity. Quantum Physics calls it the Field. This Field of Energy is also called the Universal Mind, God, Life Force, Law and many other names. If our thinking, powered by strong emotion can impress this Field with thoughts that turn into experiences we do not desire, of course it can do the opposite. It’s Law. Spiritual Mind Treatment activates this Law according to our belief and acceptance.

What treatment is not is a one-time prayer that we hope will be fulfilled, a beseeching to an outside God. It is an inward act, and just like learning to be a concert pianist or highly successful athlete, we have to practice. We have to repeat the treatment until we demonstrate. However, we are not just repeating words, we are actually rewiring our brains with our new belief. This is not a one-time shot, since many of us have been thinking the same thing for decades. We now know it takes more than a moment to give up an old belief for a new one and to actually hardwire it into our brain. Treatment can do this.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is not a shortcut to the good life. However, its power when spoken by one who has a consciousness of wholeness will not fail us. Law responds to our belief. It is the belief of the practitioner and the acceptance of the client that shifts consciousness. Which brings me to practitioners. Practitioners are trained in the art and science of Spiritual Mind Treatment. I am one of them. We know how to turn on a dime when someone needs us. We know how to enter the field that Dr. Joe Dispenza would call being no one, nobody, no thing – THE ABSOLUTE, where all experiences are chosen and finally experienced.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is scientific but it takes a consciousness of love to truly embody it’s power. This can be cultivated through practice and the strong desire to experience the Divine and therefore the Divine Life.

I have experienced Spiritual Mind Treatment turning around an experience in an instant and I have experienced months of treating for a demonstration. What I have found is that the moment I have been truly able to embody the experience, feeling gratitude before it ever occurs, and then surrendering the outcome to the Greater Mind is when the demonstration takes place.

Really, we are walking treatments because we are always thinking and directing the Law of Mind/the Field. Life is to us what we believe and feel strongly about. Treatment is a way to get into the drivers seat, the helm of our ships and have a conscious say about what happens in our life. I will explain the steps in another blog. I love Spiritual Mind Treatment!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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