Five Simple Steps

Someone once stated about the Philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit, “It’s simple, but it is not easy.” Yes, it is very simple. Founder, Ernest Holmes stated it like this, “We live in a Universe Love as well as a Universe of Law. One is the complement of the other – the Universe of Love pulsating with feeling, with emotion, and the Universe of Law, the Executor of all feeling and emotion.”

This fact, if accepted, gives us something to work with consciously. Remember we are always working with it, whether we are conscious or unconscious of the Universe that operates through all of creation.

We come to earth subject to the race consciousness we are born into. It is in our very cells. We now know that the first several years of our life, we move from a completely subjective state to full consciousness. This means that as children we are fully accepting the information that is in our environment. Think of it as being in a hypnotic state. We listen to everything around us, and we say yes that must be true.

Some of us later, begin to question what we were taught. We accept what we like and try to discard what we do not like. However, we find it very difficult to stop believing what we have believed for the most part of our life. And, whether we want to admit it or not, the world appears to us as we believe. Our life is the sum total of our beliefs.

However, we are evolving, our species is evolving. We’ve come to a time in our evolution when some of us understand that we want to evolve consciously. We begin to seek out teachers, ideologies, philosophies, religions, gurus and more. What will be the next great thing that will assist us to walk through this thing called life and have what we want?

Well, what I have come to understand and believe, after following many philosophies and exploring many religions and teachers is that it all resides within us. We are the ones  who are going to consciously evolve or not. I also believe that this experience of being in a 3-D world, is our way of doing just that. We have brought ourselves to this point in our evolution to prove that Spiritual Thought Force is greater than material resistance. We’ve come here to master the material world. Not in a sense of getting things and making money and having fun. Those are all effects and a natural consequence of conscious living. But, I’m talking about being able to walk through it all, the joy, the sorrow, the tragedy, the health, the ill health, the times of lack, the times of prosperity and still know who we are. I’m talking about being able to stare a discordant fact in the face and know that we can change it by changing our perception about it. I’m talking about taking control of our mind through an elevated state of consciousness, and, therefore, organize our brain in a way that it serves us to the highest.

This is where the tool of Spiritual Mind Treatment and its simple steps come in. As I stated before, it is a tool that can be used, if used consistently and often, to change our beliefs and create an avenue within our wiring and firing system for change. It can literally rewire our brain, and the good news is that we can do it ourselves.

When doing Treatment, we are feeding a new belief into the subjective field, which is the Law, the “great Executor of all feelings and emotions.” Yes, we must treat with great feeling and emotion if we want results. It’s not just a bunch of words, it is an energy mover.

So, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: The five steps. The best way to learn these steps is to sit with each step quietly and contemplate for yourself what it means. Do not go onto the next step until you have mastered the one before it. Oh, and the steps are always stated in present time. There is no future understanding within the subjective field. Everything is now.

  1. Recognition – Recognize the Power of the Universe, God, Love, whatever you want to call it as “all there is.” Feel it everywhere. See it everywhere. Sit with it everywhere from the darkest place to the lightest place. It is all God/Power revealing itself at the level of recognition. There is nothing that is not God.
  2. Unification or Identification – Okay, if it’s everywhere that means that it is you. Sit with yourself until you feel and accept this. Walk through your day as this Power. Bring it to everything before you. There is nothing you cannot do or be as this Power.
  3. Declaration or Realization – Now that you know the Truth about you and all of life, begin to plant new beliefs that serve you into the Field. In the place of lack, plant abundance. In the place of dis-ease of any kind, plant the knowing of health. In the place of confusion, plant clarity. The list goes on. If the Universe/God is all Power and Perfection then, it cannot know anything other than itself. Declare, declare, declare, until you realize that it is true. You’ll feel a click – it’s called “Embodiment.” You’ll know that you know.
  4. Thanksgiving or Gratitude – Of course, you would give thanks for something that you received. We give gratitude, because we know it is already done in the Subjective Field, the Mind of the Universe, the Mind of God, which is our mind also. We are merely choosing from that Field of unlimited potential. It’s already here in invisible substance. Give thanks.
  5. Release or Surrender – Now is the time to let go. It is time to surrender your work to the Power that works through you as you. That Power or Infinite Intelligence begins here to put the demonstration together in the way that is best for you. It acts in the quickest most efficient way. Your word is Law. Just release it and take a deep breath. And so it is!

Those are the five simple steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Being willing to practice and keep on practicing even though you might not see the results at first, is the not so easy part. However, I know it is possible, and if we put our attention on it, it will reflect back to us our efforts a million fold.

More to come. Have fun!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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