Happy Mother’s Day!

Aloha and Happy Mother’s Day! I celebrate and bless the journey of Motherhood today! I bless myself, a mother, my own mother, her mother, and the line of mothers that preceded her. I further celebrate the journey itself as it has showed up in each of our lives, whether we love or loved our mother, whether we never knew her, whether we had the most amazing relationship, or feel pangs of sorrow or anger about that relationship. I bless the journey of motherhood. The journey has brought us here to the present.

We’ve all been touched by motherhood in some way. We’ve all been raised and nurtured by someone. But, even if we have not, motherhood goes beyond even this. In the Universal sense, motherhood hasn’t left one of us out of its nurturing arms. Motherhood is the Divine Feminine, the Soul of life, the Holy Womb, where all creation has birthed itself.

There is a process of motherhood. It begins with a seed that is contemplated upon in the one Mind and then passes into expression from that place through the miracle of the creative process. This process is eternal and is present in the Universal as well as in each of us. We are eternally creating something. We are all mothers in that we nurture our beliefs, our thoughts, are creations with emotion and feeling and give birth to them every day.

I am grateful for this journey of motherhood. I am grateful for those who have taken motherhood on in the earthly sense, in the physical world. I know the journey is not an easy one and we bring to it our very best. As Don Miguel Ruiz wrote, in “The Four Agreements,” we are always doing our best, because we are acting from the knowledge and wisdom we have in every moment to the next, and to the next. This is as true for motherhood as for any other journey in life.

My mother past from this earth last year. I celebrate and bless her journey and thank her for being the vehicle that brought me here and nurtured me from her best place.  I trust and know that we can all celebrate motherhood in some way today. I trust and know that we can celebrate the miraculous creative process, the holy womb of life that brings every thing through us as us. I trust and know that we will hold our journey as creator as sacred, and use this Power from our highest place, always growing, always expanding into the more.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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