Thoughts on Healing

I know that there is only one Mind, one Infinite Field of Intelligence. What does this mean? Many things. Right now, in this moment, I know that this Infinite Field of Energy contains all that could ever be required to create anything that we decide to experience or have as part of our life. I’ve experienced this Infinite Field working as my life and I’ve experienced my denial of it.

We do not really create anything, but we do create an avenue, an open channel through which anything is possible. When we align our mind with the unlimited and given up the limited, it moves through us in more powerful ways.

We cannot limit this Intelligence; however, we can limit our use of it because of our limited ability to conceive what is possible.  Sometimes, we are so stuck in the world of conditions and form, we cannot conceive of the unlimited Field. We don’t understand that it is all energy. For example, we look at our checkbook and think that is our wealth. I’ve heard people say they cannot find a mate on this Island. They only know what they’ve heard as the statistics in the realm of dating. These are two examples of trying to create a change from what already is.

Also, we might be trying to create from our present feelings of lack or despair.  In other words, we want something new, like more prosperity, but we are thinking with strong feelings, longing for what we do not have. We are trying to create wealth from lack.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to live a life that is in constant want. I love living from the feeling, that I already have everything I could ever desire. It’s called the state of gratitude, and real gratitude is not reliant on the things we have in our life, or wishing them into existence. It is a state of being that infuses us with the mere joy to be alive. We just love our life and our ability to be here no matter what we are experiencing. We know the change has already happened in the field and we are just catching up with it. It might not be easy to live in this state when we are experiencing a challenge, but the energy of gratitude can be cultivated through meditation, contemplation and sitting in the quiet, in the present, courting the Presence.

I do not believe that life about getting things, or struggling for health, or thinking another person is going to solve our feelings of loneliness. True joyful living is about getting in touch with the Power within us, the Divine essence of our being, the fountain of love that breathes us and sustains us that never runs dry. Once we begin living from this place, I believe, everything takes care of itself. Perhaps this is what the Master Jesus meant when he told his followers to look at the lilies of the field and how they were completely sustained without struggle.

We are more than a lily. We are thinking, feeling, spiritual masters who have the opportunity to create our lives here on planet earth. We are in a school of sorts, learning how to prove that Spiritual Thought Force is greater than material resistance. It’s not about forcing anything or using our willpower either. It is about aligning ourselves with Divine Will that always works through us for our highest good.

As a minister, I spend time as a counselor to the sick and down trodden. I’ve seen just about everything. I’ve seen people heal their lives because of their experiences of dis-ease. Everything is a call home to our true self. However, what I am knowing is this is the old school. There is something new happening. There is a new order of life making itself known and that is the path of joy. We are finally, as Ernest Holmes, wrote, “realizing that we have learned quite enough through suffering.” 

It’s never too late and we can turn anything around by turning our minds around first. We cannot manipulate the physical, but we can guide the physical through the Power of love, a realization of the unlimited, and alignment with the Divine Presence. A peaceful soul is always at perfect rest. It knows that it knows. Healing happens here. Self-love heals.

If we are willing to send our thought out with the power of a heart that feels the outcome already is and stick to it, day by day, things do improve. All of sudden, it will seem as if a miracle has occurred and we will wonder how it happened. We’ll suddenly be living in the dream and not even know how we got there.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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