Creating a New You

Why would we continue to believe things that are detrimental to us? I have been working with a powerful meditation from the book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The meditation is about changing our beliefs and creating new ones. I am very familiar with this topic and have worked on it both as a teacher and as a pupil. I began this work with Dr. James Mellon back in 2009 in his course: “Mental Muscle.” Dr. James understood that it wasn’t just about changing how you think, because it’s your beliefs that are thinking you.

Well, today 10 years later, I can tell you, for myself,  that this process of working on our beliefs is not an overnight one. It is a work in progress, and if we are not diligent about it, we can slip back into old beliefs. The wiring in our brain, might have been severed with our past work, but it is more than willing to move back to the old if we do not continue to reaffirm the new belief and put it into action. It has to become a way of life.

I’ve had beliefs that I thought I would never change again move backwards. It’s all about staying diligent with our meditation and treatment work. It’s about taking it into action every day. It’s about the daily decision we make to live a certain way – the way that works for our highest good.

We cannot just assume that we will continue to keep our consciousness clear without the daily work. I love this work. There is nothing I like more than my morning time in meditation, treatment, reading and writing. It keeps me prayed up. Since I began adding Dr. Dispenza’s work to my daily ritual, I’ve gotten new tools that are backed by scientific research. I’m a a person who likes things to be logical. I call it Spiritual Logic, not logic based in the world of form.

The idea that Dr. Joe presents concerning our addictions to emotions and how these emotions are in our body, like a drug needing to be fed, makes sense. Why wouldn’t we go out and seek more experiences to feed the emotion and keep it alive. The subconscious program is so strong and wants to continue its life.

An example would be those of us who find ourselves duplicating the relationships we had with our parents in our current relationships. We keep attracting the same people that bring the same emotions up. We think we’ll never have a peaceful loving relationship. Well, we are addicted to turmoil, so how could we?

There is so much more to this work and I am very excited to go deeper into it. I invite us all to ask the question, Why would I continue to believe something that keeps me in a state of disharmony, whether it is a state of lack, resentment, anger, low self-esteem, etc.?     It doesn’t make sense, right? However, if you can conceive of the idea that it’s just because you are addicted to the emotion and, like a drug, you just need more of it to stay in what you believe is your normal state of being, I think it might put everything into perspective.

Is it that easy? Well, I think it is and if we can make a decision that we are done with it, that enough is enough, we can start on the road to recovery. We have to be willing to change. One by one, we can begin to dislodge the beliefs, replace them with new ones and love ourselves into a whole new reality. I believe I’m worth the journey, the time that it takes, the commitment to do it. I want to live my life beautiful, big and filled with joy.

There is more available on this topic in the book I mentioned above. I will also be glad to assist anyone who wants some direction. I am a Spiritual Practitioner and am open to sessions through zoom and in person.

It’s works for me and my life is proof of it. As Dr. James taught me ten years ago, it’s not about just changing your thinking. You have to change your beliefs and create a whole new you. Don’t tell me you can’t because if it means enough to you to do it and you are willing to work on it, I know that you can.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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