What’s New With You?

Last night we had the amazing experience of learning about the work and life of Barbara Marx Hubbard, the Light in our world that brought the message of Conscious Evolution to us. The evening was brilliantly presented by Barbara’s longtime friend and colleague Marian Head. Marian is also a internationally known speaker and author of the book Revolutionary Agreements. I took so much from this evening and cannot wait to delve deeper into the concepts presented. I want to share the two that struck me deeply as I am still digesting the many.

The first was the idea of not reiterating the past and getting stuck in past stories. When Barbara would ask someone how they were, she didn’t want to hear about past stories. She’d say, “What’s new with you?” I love this question because I know that, for myself, I am tired of bringing up old tapes and replaying them only to get more of the same. Yes, I do it to, up until now. What’s new with me? What’s new with you? By focusing on the idea of the new, we can begin to live in the present, the place of the unknown, and unlimited potential. It is here that true creativity begins with out past obstacles that no longer exist..

The other point that was stressed in the short documentary presented was the idea of quantum leaps in evolution.  Ernest Holmes speaks of the idea of expansion forever spiraling upward. Barbara spoke about the spirals of evolution in the way of human life evolving on this planet, moving from base, instinctual living to the moment of now when we are on the brink of either extinction or another spiral upward into the next evolutionary jump in consciousness. Her point is that this jump is a choice. It is a conscious choice and it is about cooperation.

How does this look in terms of my own life? Well, as Master Einstein and other masters have said, “We cannot create the new from the old.” This, as shown in the film and also obvious to anyone who will truthfully take a look at our history, is how we are trying to evolve right now. Yes, the only way to move forward truly is through the power of cooperation. At Centers for Spiritual Living, we would call this “A world that works for everyone.” 

Well, we can’t force anyone else to cooperate. We must begin with ourselves. The only way obvious to me this morning is to follow the path of Joy and passion and to inspire others to do the same. I want to be a leader who is asking myself and others everyday, “What’s new with you?” Are you excited about life today and all the possibilities, or are you trying to just manage stress and challenges? Are you creating from your amazing wellspring of imagination and talents? Are you at peace with who you are and who  you have the possibility of becoming? Do you realize that the Mind of the geniuses of all ages, the avatars: Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr., Moses, Mohammad, Meister Eckhart, John Lennon and so many more, is also encoded in each of our soul? We are one. We live in the same Mind and have the same possibility to make this conscious evolutionary leap. Many of our avatars were killed or assassinated. Are we trying to kill that same place within ourselves though our suppressions and addictions to the material world?

I invite us all to ask ourselves “What’s new with you,_________?” If there isn’t anything new, then it’s time to sit down, go within and take the time to find the answer, to claim that today is a new day. And, then most importantly to live it, to bring it to the world. By doing so, we will light the path for others, just like those geniuses have done for us.

What am I waiting for? What are you waiting for? Today is the day. We have the capacity to heal ourselves and to heal our planet by revealing the new in each of our hearts.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “What’s New With You?

  1. My heart is happy that you and so many of my beloved CSL Kauai Ohana were moved by Barbara’s Presence last night. Thank you again for the opportunity to share my love and eternal gratitude for her with you.


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