Are You Lighthearted?

What is the definition of being lighthearted? The dictionary defines the state of being as being “free from care, anxiety or seriousness. Happy-go-lucky, cheerfully optimistic and hopeful, easygoing, a person who can be lighthearted in the midst of misery.”

It sounds like someone who practices the Science of Mind and Spirit. If we truly believe in its Principles, we couldn’t be anything but light-hearted. We can keep our hearts light or in the light because we know behind even the most challenging experience, something miraculous is happening. Please don’t confuse lightness with not caring.

The Buddhist says this about lightheartedness: “Light-heartedness is a state of mind and being that combines the elements of serious mindedness and deep caring with a sense of lightness and fun. It avoids the extremes of either being over serious and heavy in our approach or resorting to purely superficial/hedonistic fun as an “escape” from the pressures of our life.” Lightheartedness seems to define a balanced person who knows his true power.

I believe that being childlike is synonymous to being lighthearted. Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit wrote, “We must become as little children. How we long for a return of that simple trust in life which children have; in their minds there are no doubts–they have not yet been told they are sinners, destitute of divine guidance and spiritual life. The life of a child is lived in natural goodness.”

But, what’s happened to us? He continues, “The prison walls of false experience soon build themselves into barriers, shutting out the light and the child grows into a man or woman often losing their sense of that inner Guide, leading our footsteps aright.”

So, it’s all the dreary experiences and disappointments that dim our lights and keep us from being lighthearted. Even the smallest mishap or occurrence is taken so seriously. Life becomes heavy.

I believe that as I respond to an experience so the experience unfolds. I remember once during a dark time in my life, I thought I would never come out of a depression due to a deep relationship disappointment. I didn’t know about the Science of Mind at the time, but I was a writer and had a strong theater background. In this particular case, I rewrote the story into a screenplay. I rewrote the ending. I said what if this were to work out, not with this particular person, but what if I were to have a happy ever after. I wrote it and it wasn’t but a few years later that the story played itself out as my life.

What was this? Magic? It was the Law of Cause in Effect in action. I had so created the scenario as if it had already happened that it stirred up the joy and love and passion within myself. How could I not create something really wonderful? Scientifically, I re-wired my brain for a new experience. I was a new person, and I had to attract the experience that matched me.

I’ve looked at my own childhood from that standpoint, and with lots of humor.  Again, don’t confuse lightheartedness with not caring and this is not an invitation to circumvent your feelings of sorrow or bury your troubles only to have them resurface in yet another place and time. It’s about walking through them, forgiving, reframing, and giving gratitude. Oprah Winfrey new this about her horrendous childhood. “The greatest discovery of life is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” 

“We must return the way we came, as little children, who know that life is good and to be trusted, we are to approach our problems as though they were not. Approaching them in this manner, they will vanish.”

As Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches, “the thought sends the signal out and the feeling brings the experience back to us.” It’s Law. It’s up to us ,we can continue to be heavyhearted or we can desire to bring a new approach to our problems and begin to live anew.

Is it simple? It’s as simple as we want to make it. Life is an adventure. We are the ones in charge of how we feel about everything that happens. It’s all happening through us and the more we can surrender to the good that comes from it, reframe it, love ourselves through it and find new and fresh approaches of looking at things, the more good we will receive. The path of gratitude, joy and passion and the innocence of being a child again, rewrites all of our stories into new magical ones.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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