Do You Want to Transform the World?

During these times, many of us are upset about the goings on in our country and around the world. We want to transform the world. We want change. We want to do something. We call our politicians. We march. We have different groups we support.

This is all good, but if we want to transform the world, the best way we can do it is by transforming ourselves. I read this quote this morning in Dr. Jim Lockard’s blog that stated that during these times, we needed to spend at least 20 minutes a day in meditation. If we think we don’t have the time, we need to spend an hour.

How true this is. If we cannot take the time with ourselves everyday to center and bring ourselves to a peaceful place, how are we going to deal with the outside distractions and experiences that bother us? Who is coming to the experience anyway? A distraught person who is fretting about imagined outcomes, or a peaceful one who knows that all is truly well and that they are doing their part as best they can.

If we want to transform the world, we must begin by transforming ourselves because we are the world. We are the ones who are creating this world. We are one and we are impressing a Field of Intelligence that we all share with every thought we have. Our thoughts send signals out to this Field, our feelings bring back the experiences to us.

There is a technique called holding things in thought that we teach in the Science of Mind and Spirit. It is not mental coercion or forcing something, it is a “mental acceptance.” It is as if we are letting something happen with our acceptance that it is already so. It allows us to truly use the Power of Creation.

Can we hold in thought that we are in the middle of a great birth right now and that everything that is happening is part of that birth? Anyone who has witnessed or experienced a birth knows it is not an easy process. There is a time of great stress called transition and during that time, the women just needs to let go and accept the birth of the little one. With every push there is a release and finally the baby is born.

These times are similar to that thing called labor, and the best we can do is to breathe through it, keep visualizing the perfect outcome, and do our part as called upon.

We are being called to transform ourselves, to create from new energy and new ideas. When I am in meditation in the morning and I ask what is mine to do for our Center of Spiritual Living, I always get the same answer in different forms. This morning it was “What do you want for yourself?”

What do we want for ourselves concerning this world? Whatever that is, we need to live it first. So simple, right?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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