Who Owns Truth

One of the most important things in my life is to know that I am my own Divine Authority. It took me almost 50 years of life on this planet to really accept this on a cellular level. I know that each person is their own Divine Authority. I truly respect this.  Yes, sometimes, we need a little direction to find our way back to ourselves, but, truly, no one can know us but ourselves.

I believe in being open at the top.  Every day many philosophies and modalities come to my attention as a Spiritual Director of a Center. However, I put them all to one test, and that is: does this modality or philosophy or religion lead me back to myself and my power of volition, or does it make me dependent on an outside person, activity or thing? I don’t judge any of it, but if it doesn’t lead me back to me, I am not interested. I have spent to many years giving away my power to the outside.

People might ask, “but, what about your Spiritual Practitioners?” I answer, Practitioners have only one function and that is to reveal God/Source/Divine Love in each and every person that comes to them by revealing it in their own minds. Sometimes, like I said before, we need some direction. A Spiritual Practitioner assists us in the path back to our true selves. This is not done by signing up for anything or taking multiple sessions with them. It is done immediately and the actual transformation on your part is up to you.

During these challenging times on our planet, I believe inner wisdom is more important than ever. As I peruse the Internet, as I am bombarded by advertisement for the next get enlightenment quick plan, I understand how important it is to stay true to my own heart and intuitive direction. I invite us all to stay true to self. We will know what is right for us. It will ring true. Truth belongs to each of us.

All the great mystics knew and taught that the Power of God/Truth was within each of us. It’s encoded in our hearts. It turns to us as we turn to It. We hold the key. We know. We are Truth.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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