A Time to Recommit

On October 19, 2012 at sunrise, my husband Rev. Patrick and I stood on the shores of the beach behind the Kaua’i Beach Resort and held the very first celebration service for an idea that we had committed to – Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. No one attended that service besides the crabs and fish within earshot, but it didn’t lessen our commitment that day.

Less than eight months later, on July 7, 2013, thirty-five people gathered at what was then the Aloha Aston Hotel for the first official service. CSL Kaua’i was born.  Now six years later, we get ready to celebrate another anniversary. We anticipate well over 100 people will be in attendance.

It’s not about the numbers, although it is nice to know we have grown. But, as I think of re-commitment on this sixth anniversary, it’s about more than how many people are gathering. It’s about why they are gathering. It’s about why we are growing. It is what is happening underneath and beyond those gatherings that I am most interested in recommitting myself to.

We didn’t come to Kaua’i to be a Sunday Center or an activities center. we came for a bigger reason and something that still burns in my heart. The healer and mystic, Phineas Quimby, who is considered the Father of New Thought said it best: “I prophesy that the time will come when men and women shall heal all diseases with the words of their mouth.”

I know that whether this prophesy ever comes to pass is not as important as what happens while we take this journey. I am recommitted to that. There is a lot of healing needed in this world. We see it all around us. We cannot deny it. I believe there is only one thing that will repair it. Did you know that the word repair means to “put back in order.” That’s what we are doing, not “fixing anything, putting what is already perfect back in order. It is the journey each of us takes back to our true selves. It is living life from within and not the without.  It is the healed person who walks through the world sharing that healing with others who will repair the world. I am recommitted to that.

I read a story in Mark Nepo’s new book More Together than Alone about the Aspen Groves of New Mexico. The Aspen is a tall thin tree that turns golden in the fall. They are beautiful and each tree in the grove seems to stand alone. Looks can be deceiving, and, truly, all the aspens in the grove are connected by an inner root system. When one aspen becomes ill, all the aspens come together to send nutrients to the damaged tree. If a fire were to destroy the grove of aspens, the roots would still be there ready to begin again and produce a whole new grove.

What a perfect metaphor this is of how we stand together as a community of whole people connected by Spirit, living in the one Field, the one Mind.  We have the opportunity to send our healing energy to the whole world in every moment. I am recommitted to that. We are all healers. We are all born to heal. I am not just talking about physical healing. I am talking about healing of all disease, including lack, poverty, violence. All reflected in our beautiful blue planet.

I know that we are living in a time of extremes. The Scientists shout it from their laboratories. However, we look for solutions in the same old ways, but we need to look anew. We are Divine Intelligence and we have the answers. Just like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Jesus and other New Thought individuals did, we are being called to come up with our way. If we celebrate another MLK Day and do not take his teaching to the streets we have not progressed. New times require new minds. It’s our turn. I am re-committed to that.

Every morning when I wake up (and you have this same opportunity), I can reset my intentions and recommit. If I feel I have fallen short in some way, I can let go of it, drop the blame, and reset and recommit. It is not too late.  We can do this every day, every moment. Karma is instantaneous.

In our first, business plan, Patrick and I wrote, “Combining Science of Mind, New Thought, Ancient Wisdom and the Spiritual Roots of Kaua’i, Center for Spiritual Living, Kaua’i offers a space and the spiritual tools to facilitate the awakening of the Individual’s inner power to express successful relationships, optimum health, and a prosperous and creative life.” I still believe this. I still feel it is my purpose. I recommit to it.

I see people’s lives changed and enhanced everyday. I see a community of people who are getting ready to reach out into the world like the aspen grove and give its love and wholeness to the wounded and those who are crying out for it.

Mark Nepo tells another story in his book about a Grandmother who keeps taking her grandson out to show him the sights of cows, horses, trees and the other beauties of nature. She cannot understand why he isn’t interested. Then one day she is inspired to get down to his level of sight and she sees he can only see tall grass. She lifts him up to see the wonders of the world and he cries in delight. Once, we see the light, sometimes, we have to get down and see what others are seeing in order to shed some light on the matter. We need to get out of our lofty tower and take a good look. Only then will we understand, have compassion and be able to offer the assistance needed. We are not helping others separate from us. We are one even if our sight is different. I am recommitted to that.

We are stronger together than alone. When one person heals, then another person feels like he/she can. When two or more are gathered together in love and prayer, the energy shifts. I am re-committed to that.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “A Time to Recommit

  1. Love this Rev! Congratulations to you both and to CSL Kauai! “oDeep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;
    all your waves and breakers..
    there is a simultaneous recognition of Good!
    With Love and Aloha
    Mike & Stephanie ❤️


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