Decide to Be Healthy

I practice the Science of Spiritual Mind Healing. I believe it is as worthy of a profession as that of being a Doctor of Medicine. Many others join me in this field, and we have been very successful in experiencing healings in our own lives and the lives of those around us who seek our help.

In his book, the Power of Decision, Raymond Charles Barker, a great Spiritual Mind Healer and author, wrote this: “The general public has always been skeptical about mental healing because it has never taken the pains to study the science which is its foundation.”  Well, this is not so true now in the 21 Century because Quantum Science is now doing just that and the new Scientists have joined the ranks of Mental Healers who are able prove the Science through their laboratory experiments with willing subjects.

People are joining them in masses. Usually, they come when there is no other alternative. This was also true in the early years of Mental Healing in the 19th and 20th Century. People didn’t have a choice, so they turned to the Power greater than themselves, which they found within.

Spiritual Mind Healing or Mental Healing is a true Science. It doesn’t deny that there might be a need for the world of medicine. In fact, mental healers, who are real and true and really know the people that come to them, realize that sometimes the doctor is a necessary part of the journey back to health. However, what they also know is that there can be no permanent healing without a Spiritual realization. All must decide to be healthy. We must embrace the idea that health is normal, and although disease is an experience on the souls journey back to its true self, it is not a necessary fact.

Why is this all so important? I believe it is important because I do not think that suffering is normal or necessary. I have suffered at times and although it has been enlightening when I have chosen to have an enlightening experience, I would prefer to expand and grow through joy and being able to do my work healthfully.  I think most of us feel this same way.

I have experienced the suffering of many of my friends, congregation, loved ones and even those I just read about. What we all have in common is our belief in disease. We still think it is a real entity, and that we all might be destined at one time or another to experience it. It looms like a threat that cannot be avoided. We spend a lot of our time playing dodge ball with disease. Sometimes, we win and sometimes we lose.

I much prefer to practice the Science of Health and to assist others in doing the same. I believe in the Love of Spirit that moves through us. I believe that no mater what we are experiencing in the world of form that our true nature is health. This is the truth because there is no Spiritual Prototype for illness. The Universe is always advancing in wholeness. It moves through each of us as we like. It gives us what we will take. It loves us, and wants to express itself through us. It will express no matter what we are experiencing at the level of our belief of what we are worth. We might want to say that we did not want to be sick. Of course, we didn’t want to be sick, and somewhere within us I know we want to be well. I know that we can. Let’s focus on that. No blame, no condemnation. Only self-love and acceptance of the good of life right now. We can believe in health as well as we can believe in illness because we are always at choice.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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