Sitting on the Fence?

Last night, we finished our Power of Decision Class with our final projects. There is nothing more inspiring for me than to experience the transformations people experience when they truly study and put the Principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit to practice. If anyone reading this blog has not read the Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Barker, I invite you do so. Your life will never be the same again. Dr. Barker a New Thought teacher of the 20th Center speaks to us in a way that affirms that we are responsible for our destinies and that the decisions we make steer our course. He never lets us off the hook. We have to change or put the book down and go back to a static life.

Last night, I experienced the sharing of individuals whose decisions had shifted their lives from times of turmoil and victimhood into victories in the areas of health, abundance and creativity. It was a decision to think differently and move with the new into action that created their demonstrations. The results were not necessarily the things in life, but the true thing in life which is to be happy and to experience well-being.

Making decisions is a life-time journey. We do it every day. It can be subtle or it can be something more intense and noticeable. Whatever decisions we make, they affect us positively or can create more challenges in our life. One thing that helps me to move with a decision, if I am vacillating, is to know that no decision is final. It might be the right decision for me at the time and then down the road I might need to make a new decision, yet again. This is what life is about: change and the decisions that go along with change.

What I also know is that not making a decision is also a decision. We cannot fool the Law of Mind. Not making a decision leaves us in a state of confusion and the inability to move forward with our lives. I think we can all say  we have experienced times of indecision, when we were just sitting on the fence about something. Just as sitting on a fence can be uncomfortable in the literal sense, so is sitting in indecision. On which side of the fence will we step down? With that decision, we have the chance to change the course of our life. We might say we do not know, but we do.

There is nothing to be afraid of because when we make a decision, the Power of the Universe backs us. As the mystics have said and proven, doors and windows begin to fly open and opportunities present themselves so that we can fulfill those decisions, whatever they may be.

Today, I invite us all to make a decision about something we’ve been sitting on the fence about. If you need to test it with something small in your life, start there and watch what happens. I am doing the same. I’m going to make a list of all the things I’ve been sitting on the fence about and then I am going to act on them one by one.

Happy decision making! It’s a great experiment. You are powerful and magnificent and so are your decisions. You are always backed by a loving Universe that is always conspiring in your favor.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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