It Will Rise

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was an active member of a Center there. One night, the Spiritual Director was giving a class and he casually mentioned that he imagined having a labyrinth lit with candles in the room we were sitting in. I was immediately called to create that labyrinth. When I say I was called, I mean that the call came from within loud and clear.

A few months later we painted it on the floor of that room and then shortly after that had a portable rug labyrinth made that we carried to various places to lead labyrinth walks. including the State Penitentiary. I have always loved the labyrinth and use it as a meditation tool for healing and deep conversations. When I moved to Kaua’i. I tried to begin this same ministry, but something wasn’t happening. Then last night everything changed.

I was given stewardship over a labyrinth, promising to care for it and act as its scheduler with other organizations that sometimes use it. The labyrinth came to us easily and effortlessly, and then last night we held our first walk. Almost 20 people showed. I just couldn’t help welling up inside. The labyrinth’s time had come.

Rev. Artress from the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, who is responsible for bringing the labyrinth movement to the United States, once said that when the labyrinth is needed it will rise in the location it is needed. It rose in that little room in Los Angeles over a decade ago and last night it finally rose here in our Center.

What does this all mean? I think it is true in our lives also. When something is needed or when it is the right time for a person or experience to come into our life, it comes. You know that saying,“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” It’s true and it is not something we can force. No more than I could force the labyrinth on our Center six years ago, can we force anything on ourselves or others. When it is time only then, will whatever we need rise up in our lives.

I am learning to listen more deeply to the risings and the fallings within me. There is a natural tide that flows through us, that we can ride because we are that tide in our truest self. If we fight it or push it or ignore it, it will do what it does and we will be tossed in it wake. However, when we begin to truly ride it with grace, life gets so much easier. Some call it being in the flow of life. Please don’t confuse this for just letting whatever comes, come. It’s about being deeply in-tuned with our own path and following it. When things become strained or there seems to be a holding back, it is time to go within and ask ourselves what is trying to be known here. The answers come.

I know that as Patrick and I have built this Center over the last six years that when it works the best is when we start where we are and flow with its rhythm, not trying to force the next step. Just like the labyrinth rose last night, everything comes in the perfect time. There is always work to do and I believe that the best work to do is what is right in front of us. We might look to the future, but there is nothing more important than what is happening now.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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