What Are You Feeling?

I had the great opportunity yesterday to be part of the live-stream from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Retreat in Portland. The only word I can use for it is “generous.” I spent three and a half hours beginning at 7am learning more about the quantum field and then had the opportunity to be part of a 45 minute meditation. It was probably the best three and a half hours I’ve given to myself in a while. The gifts of the time spent are already manifesting in my life in the way I am feeling.

Dr. Joe’s tells teaches that demonstration works by thought and feeling. The thought sends the signal out and the feeling brings the event back to us. This is nothing new, really. Ernest Holmes wrote that “Feeling is at the center of the Universe, and, reflected through man’s consciousness, sheds it glow wherever the thought travels. Law governs its action and fulfills it presence.” 

Yes, feeling is the magnetic force of the Universe and brings all things to us. We have the choice to feel good or to feel bad. It’s not about stuffing our feelings. Our feelings are barometers for where we are in consciousness and should never be stuffed. They help us to investigate what’s truly going on in our subconscious mind. However, are we in control of our feelings or do they control us? Are we waiting to feel good after something good happens or can we feel good, grateful before it happens. Feelings rule or we rule them. The only way to demonstrate in the Quantum Field of unlimited potential is to match our vibration to the joy and good we want before it happens.

This week I had an opportunity to take this idea for, as Dr. Joe would put it, “a test drive.” I had two particular situations in the conditional world where lack showed up to let me know that I could really worry if I wanted to. I sunk into the anxiety for a moment, even though I recognized it for what it was. Then, after Spiritual Mind Treatment, this thought came to me. I teach that when things look the worst is the time to do our best work. This is a Principle that I really understood in that moment. Was I going to give into my feeling of anxiety or was I going to do my best work. I knew the answer and I got to it.

I turned my feelings around. I felt the security of knowing that I am always cared for, that just like the grains of sand, and blades of grass and limitless sky, I am also abundant. It didn’t matter what was showing up. I felt it in the now. I was doing my best work. I took care of what I needed to in the world of conditions with a feeling of prosperity. Suddenly, what seemed to be dark and gloomy turned into light. I was calm and assured. Everything showed up to support me. Nothing had changed in the world of form, but I had changed within. Of course, the conditional world had to show up for me just as I was feeling, and it did.

Are we trying to change our energy by trying to fix the world of matter or are we rising above it into the Quantum world or as we call it in the Science of Mind – the Absolute? This is where the energy is unformed and pure. It is just waiting for what we will impress upon it. It takes form accordingly – according to our feelings.

It takes training and discipline to become the master of feelings. It isn’t easy, but by being committed to practice, it does get easier and easier. When we can practice being pure Consciousness and taking that for a test drive, I know that our Power to live the life of our dreams gains velocity and strength.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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