Say Uncle

Most of us, I’m sure, have heard the term “Say Uncle!” Maybe you’ve even found yourself in a situation where you’ve used its. Its meaning is to surrender or to give up. I always have the picture of two people in a cartoon. One person has the other in a headlock and won’t let him go until he cries “Uncle!”

Uncle goes back to a term of authority, an older person. The submission is to one of greater power. So, what’s the spiritual metaphor in all this? I’ve been thinking a lot about the headlock our emotions can have us in. They are screaming “Say Uncle,” commanding that we give ourselves up to them, that we let them lead the way. We feel helpless to them. We say things like “I’m just always sad. I don’t know why.” Or, “I’m just angry today and I can’t seem to shake it off.” Or, “I’m just depressed. You know how things are.” We’ve actually given ourselves up to our emotions as if someone else gave them to us. They’ve screamed “Say Uncle,” and we’ve definitely submitted like helpless victims to circumstance.

However, we are the ones in charge. We are powerful spiritual beings. Yes, our emotions are lodged in our bodies, leaving us on remote to a program from the past, but that is not the way we have to continue to live. We must get to the bottom of those emotions. What is their message? Where did they begin? What was going on then, doesn’t have to continue to be our present. Do we realize we are calling more of the same into our lives to allow us to feel the addiction we have to those emotions. Bless them and “Say Uncle” to those emotions. Begin to say to yourself, “I want to feel this way and I can imagine the outcome of that feeling. I focus on what I want and what I want to feel.” 

This doesn’t mean we are suppressing our emotions. We are just not letting them rule us. We listen to them, we investigate them. More than likely, speaking for myself, I will find that they are lodged me from some past experience that no longer needs to affect my life. Really, why would I keep reliving the past and not move onto a new and glorious future?

Spiritual Mind Treatment is the perfect remedy when pivoting to a new experience. In the place of sadness, we plant joy. In the place of anger, we plant peace. In the place of hopelessness, we plant faith. If we do it enough times, if we stick with it, we will turn the program around in our brains. We will begin to fire and rewire in a whole new way.

Our emotions might be screaming “Say Uncle,” but we do not have to surrender to them and give up. The Power of Love and Spirit within each of us is the real super Power, the strongest Power, the Real Power, our Divine Authority.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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