Healing Begins with Me

There is more good in the world than anything else. It is the best of times, not the worst of times. What we focus on grows, and it might seem like the hate is growing because we are focusing on it. What is going right, is my question? Are we focusing on the good or are we living in fear? Yesterday, was a turning point for me. I will remember as the day that I said, “Enough is enough.”

Here’s what it looks like. We must have integrity first for ourselves and then that integrity will move out to those around us. If there is something in our field of visibility and it is less than integrous, the only place to find the answer is within. What is being reflected back to us? It is ours to heal?

I will be honest. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to stay in integrity or to move into reaction mode. I had an interaction with a person who put me under attack. I wasn’t expecting it, and seemed to come out of nowhere. However, what I know is that nothing comes from nothing, and there is a reason for everything. If I attracted it, it’s here for me to listen, discern, and then move into action. There is a an acronym for being in a terrorism situation: STOP: Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. Okay, I put this to use yesterday in this non terrorism experience that seemed like one at the time.

When we stop and breathe, we have the opportunity to open up our minds to be present. Then we can Think. Now that we are thinking we can Observe what is happening and, really see it for what it is. By observing, we move ourselves above the experience. We are really listening, but from a nonreactive place. Then we get to use our minds to Plan. Our intuition does step in and gives us just the right action, whether it is verbal or physical. In this case, it was verbal, honest dialogue on my part.

I am only responsible for what I say and my intention behind my words, I am not responsible for how it is received. I did my best to receive what was said to me with an open mind. I did my best to speak with compassion and honesty.

I came away from the experience changed. What I realized was that just because I am a minister does not give anyone the right to attack me. I am not a doormat. I am a loving expression of the Divine. So, are you and each and every person in my field, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. Honest and compassionate dialogue is different than a dialogue that makes anyone right or wrong.

I came away from this experience with more appreciation for myself and what I do and how I love. I came away from this experience with more understanding of others and their challenges. I came away from this experience with the realization that I am not responsible for another person’s healing or to make them feel good. The only thing I am responsible for is to be in integrity, to be authentic, to be loving and compassionate. Again, first to myself and then allow that to move out into my experiences.

Just because we are confronted with experiences that are challenging doesn’t mean that we did anything wrong or that we need to learn a lesson. This is a Universe of well being. Everything is for us and sometimes that just means that we have to have a little more respect for ourselves and what we accept in our life and what we know is better to love from afar. We are all in one energy field. What I do with with my ripple in it even when I am challenged, will determine the next and the next experience.

So, if we want to continue to focus on what’s wrong in the world and point our finger out in blame and join in the battle of hate, we have a choice. That choice begins in our own worlds, with our own relationships, our our daily interactions. How do treat each other? We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. We are the world. My little interaction yesterday, I believe, went a long way to healing the macrocosm. We all have this capability.

Always learning and loving,

Rev. Rita

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