If You Can Fly, Then Soar!

“What’s wrong with wanting more. If you can fly, then soar! Why settle for just a piece of sky?” These words are from a song from the musical “Yentel” I feel so in-tuned with them right now. Have you ever watched a bird actually soar, not flap it’s wing to get where it’s going, but actually soar, catching the currents of the wind, as it glides through the air effortlessly. I believe that same ease is meant for each of us. We are beings of expansion and we are always growing and changing. We have the ability to soar.

Right now CSL Kaua’i is at a cross-roads. We can stay the same, here where we are in our space, satisfied with the way things are going, happy to do what we do, show up for the classes each week, teach those same classes each year, get together on Sundays, keep our kids in the kitchen and just do business as usual. Frankly, this is not enough for me. There is more. Why settle for a piece of sky?

I am grateful for how far we’ve come and all we’ve accomplished. I am grateful for all the people who have showed up along the way to build what we have together. However, there is more to be, more to do, and many more miles to travel. There is a bigger calling right now for all Spiritual Entities like ours. Something is asking us to be courageous, to show up in a bigger capacity, to give more and be willing to receive more. We either expand or we eventually wither and die.

From the day, CSL Kaua’i was birthed on the shores of Kaua’i in a small private ceremony held by two people and the birds and sea creatures, we began from where we are and we’ve stepped out into the unknown, trusting each expansion. It is no different now. We must trust. We must fly. We must soar. This begins within my own heart, and the heart of each of us who are members of this Center. We have to become the things which we want to create.

I will begin with myself. I have to become the more within my own self, and I am. I am trusting this next expansion. I’m trusting that Spirit moving through me and this Entity called CSL Kaua’i carries us just like the wind carries that bird that began by flapping its wings and then just letting go and surrendering to its nature. I’m flapping and now I am ready to soar.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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