I Can’t Teach You That…

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I have a gift for telling the story of a song and using my voice to do that. Even when I sing in Italian, I can do it. It is innate in me. My voice teacher once told me, when noticing this in me, “That is not something I can teach you.  That is your natural talent and ability.”

What she was and I am talking about is the Intuitive knowing and expression of Spirit through me. When I forget this is when I get in trouble. While I sing, I am stuck in how the notes sound. I begin listening to myself and critiquing while I am singing. I forget the story I am telling and instead try to fix myself along the way. The result is never good and it is filled with anxiety.

Let’s take it beyond singing. People sometimes tell me they do not know what to do, or what their purpose is, or how to handle a situation in their lives. They get stuck in the details, the world of conditions, and they begin to try to fix it from there, without connecting to their innate spiritual nature. If we would just take a deep breath when we are in the middle of something in our life and take the time to really listen, we would begin to hear from that higher place within us. If we practice this tune-in and surrender long enough, it becomes our natural approach. No one can really teach us this, for it is a process of feeling it deep within ourselves. No one can teach us how to feel. No one can allow Spirit to move through us. We are the ones that have to do it.

When I sing and allow Spirit to move through me, I do not notice the notes, I am too engulfed in the music. When I move through my day and allow Spirit to move through me, I do not notice the bumps, I am the bumps that smooth themselves out with ease and grace.

Life looks different from a higher point of view. It is not something that I try to do. It is who I am in my natural state. As, the teacher in me says, “I can’t teach you that. That’s your part of transformation and evolution.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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