Rise Above It!

clip-art-woman-clipartfestFor anyone who have been in the public eye in any way, we know we are always going to be critiqued. It seems to be our nature, as creative beings to critique everything. As a person who trained as an actor and singer, I was constantly under someone’s critique, whether it was my director, teacher, reviewer or the general public. It is just something you get used to.

Now I like to use the word critique instead of judgment. However, judgment has had its day in my life, too. I can’t say that it never hurt. There were times when I felt very hurt by a comment, but mostly is was when the comment had little to do with my performance and more to do with me.

I can truthfully say  I always rose above it. My dedication to my art was more important to me than anything anyone could say about me. My confidence in myself as an actress and singer was solid enough to rise above it. Even when I would lose a role I treasured to someone else, I would lick my wounds for awhile and then make a come back. I was resilient.

Where does this resilience come from? We all have this quality, whether we consider ourselves artists or not. We have an innate quality of resilience and strength.  I believe that quality comes from our very Divine nature, the place within us that knows who we are even when we falter. My husband would probably call it the “inner child.” It’s the center of our Creative Spirit, our God Self. It’s always there to rise with us in times of need. Even when we cover it up with our insecurities and inability to let go of false images of ourselves, it’s still there. It never leaves us.

I am calling upon that place right now, as I get ready to perform the words and music of my life in the public eye. I have a choice. I can know that I am greeted and surrounded by love and support, or I can focus on an imagined critique that I might receive, which is only my inner critic. I can know that I am doing my very best, and giving my very best, or I can let my ego (small self) run the show with insecurity.

I know what I choose. I know who I am. I teach it and I live it. It allows me to rise above all the superfluous chatter in my head that is an old self that no longer serves me. Times that I challenge myself, like I am doing on August 29 and 30 are the times I grow the most. That’s because these times are the times when I have to put what I know to practice and use it. I am forced into rising above it.

There is one thing that is always guaranteed. When we set an intention and fill that intention with the faith and feeling of an already accomplished fact, the Law of our being responds with a resounding YES! It is the wind beneath the wings of our flight into the unknown, the sustainer of the journey, and the guarantee of our success.

In case you want to become part of my performance journey on August 29 or 30,  you can, whether you live here on Kaua’i or not.

How I Came to Me…n!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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