What Does It Mean to Demonstrate?

demonstration photo

In the Science of Mind and Spirit Philosphy we use the term “demonstrate.” Ernest Holmes, mystic, teacher and Founder of Religious Science writes, “What do we mean by demonstration? Nothing peculiar, nothing weird, nothing that pertains to ghost walking. To demonstrate means to prove, to exemplify, to manifest, to bring forth, to project into our experience something that is better than we had yesterday… less pain, less unhappiness, less poverty, less misery, more good …this is what is meant by demonstration.”

I love this definition because it takes the idea of demonstration and makes it equal to the individual. We all demonstrate in our own way, and what is good for someone is not the same as for another. We all have different degrees of demonstration. We cannot demonstrate past our ability to conceive and believe. Again, demonstration is an individual thing, because we demonstrate from where we are in consciousness.

However, it does not make one person’s demonstration greater than another person’s. All demonstrations that take us to a better place in life are good demonstrations. We should be grateful for each demonstration of good no matter how big or small it is. Also, it is dangerous to compare our demonstrations to someone else’s.

Again, we are all individuals and as long as our life is moving in the direction we want it to, we can say that our demonstrations are successful. If not, it means that there is more work to do. Much of the time, this work is in the area of opening up to feeling that we deserve more good in our lives. There is a feeling of acceptance and allowing that goes with demonstrating. If we feel stuck, it might be that we need to add a little more self-love to our life.

I continually demonstrate when I use Spiritual Mind Treatment, which is a form of affirming our demonstrations before they occur. It is more than a prayer; it is an announcement of what is already so in the Quantum Field. It expands my consciousness of belief and acceptance. We give gratitude in our treatments because we know that our demonstration is already here. Dr. Joe Dispenza might call it a form of mental rehearsing. We release our treatments into the Law/Field, because we know that the Divine Intelligence of the Universe knows exactly how to bring that demonstration back to us through us according to the level of our vibration.

All demonstrations of increased good are wonderful demonstrations. Let us be grateful for every bit of good that comes our way. And, if it seems less than the good we say we want, there just might be a gift waiting to be uncovered – more knowing perhaps. We are always demonstrating according to where we are in consciousness. If we need to do anything to improve our demonstrations, it would be to increase our consciousness and its capacity to receive, and then, to move our feet in the direction of our desire.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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