In the Field, There are Solutions


I’ve just come off an intensive conference with some of the greatest minds of Quantum Physics. I’ve learned so much and I am still integrating the information by applying it to my life. We can’t just stay in our heads. Information is only information if it is not used and applied to our lives.

One of the things I learned from a scientific point of view is that we are Energy. The body we live in is a projection of our consciousness. Our consciousness dictates to us our experiences in this body. If we were to look at each other from this place, we would merely see waves of energy presenting as you and as me. We would see that we are all connected in one Field of Energy. This Energy holds all potential for life. It is neutral in that it does not judge or hold back anything. We are the ones who interfere when we think thoughts of lack, judgment, fear, etc. As we perceive the Field it reflects that back to us.F

So, here we are, always reaching out into the Field as who we are. And, don’t think of the Field as out there. We are the Field. If we want an upgrade in our life, we must become that upgrade. We attract experiences as who we are, and we create experiences from that place. Whatever we project from within is answered from without. We are a field of attraction, a magnet. How we perceive the environment is our experience.

Given this and knowing that I am always experiencing life in Consciousness first, I ask myself this: Why would I choose anything but Good? The answer is quite simple. I am caught in form and I am creating from what I see, instead of changing my consciousness and believing as I want to live. I am trying to change matter from matter. That is a slow process if not impossible. I am limiting this Field of Intelligence by the past instead of sinking into the present moment. Dr. Joe Dispenza has this statement: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” I think, instead, we tend to predict our future by what we see and by our past experiences. It’s time create our future right here and now.

Another important message I received from this intensive five days was that if we want change in the world, we must create the change within ourselves. This was stated numerous times in numerous ways. As people sought solutions to their problems with other people, their environment, the world, the answer always came back to change your own life by changing your own consciousness, and the world will be changed.

So, today, I am applying the idea of solutions. If the Field of Intelligence is unlimited and attracts to me what I think into it, a mirror that reflects back to the thinker what he/she is thinking, as Ernest Holmes wrote, then today I only see solutions. In my mind, I think solutions to every situation whether it is a conversation that needs clarification with another person or the solution to financial affairs, or the solution to a health question. It’s all here. There are solutions for everything. I am the solution because I am living from that consciousness.

I know as I approach my day this way, that that’s what has to show up. It’s scientific, it’s law, it’s the way the Universe works. As I become the solution, the solution finds me. I trust if you are looking for solutions in your experience that this might have helped you in some way. Enjoy a solution-filled day.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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