Masters of Our Consciousness


Yesterday, I wrote about spending a day finding solutions. Be careful what you ask for, because I had plenty of opportunities yesterday to practice my resolve. Several disparate experiences crossed my field of awareness. One was a shooting in the school of a dear friend’s family. Their grandson is safe, but the young shooter killed himself and several other students. Where is the solution there? I also found out that a dear friend is in remission after a long journey with cancer. It is a definite blessing made manifest. And, then the day brought me the news that two powerful people in my life were leaving Island for their next adventure. All this news is part of my creation as I journey to becoming more and integrating this teaching in my life through practice.

How easily are we swayed by our environment and the happenings in our life? Do we look at them as detriments to our life, putting our dreams on hold, or do we look at them as opportunities to grow and know more. Yesterday, was truly a hard day for me in that I was out of control of my environment. However, I could choose to be in control of my inner environment. I could still both mourn and celebrate where appropriate and still know that these events did not have to disturb my inner peace and knowing that my life is always unfolding perfectly. Will I miss my friends? Of course. Will I mourn the loss of more children and wonder when will this ever end? Yes, I do. Will I then celebrate my friend and his remission? I will dance for joy.

Life is a multitude of experiences and we can either sink into them and travel through them with the knowing that all is always well, or we can kick and scream our way through because of our desperate need to control everything. Does this mean I do not care? Of course not. However, it does mean that the only way I can stop school shootings is to stop shooting myself with self-criticism, judgment, and lack of self-esteem. I must create a peaceful atmosphere in my own life in order to see changes in the world.

Let me explain why this previous statement is true. You can take it and think about it yourself, research it, and test it out. If we all live in a unlimited field of Intelligence as unique waves of energy, if we are truly all connected in consciousness, then what one person thinks and experiences, we all experience. That shooting yesterday didn’t just happen to the school in Santa Clarita, it happened to all of us. And, so my feelings matter and they do affect all of us because they affect the Field. If I continue to get angry and say there are no solutions then so it is? If I instead hold my consciousness in love and open up to my opportunity to express that love in action, then I’ve affected the whole Field. The more people that do this, the greater the outcome. This has been proven through scientific research and tests.

Gregg Braden calls it “A New Human Story.” It is because it is different than we’ve thought in a long time. Our ancient ancestors knew it and now we are catching on again. The Truth began to be made known again after centuries, with our New Thought fathers and mothers of the 1700’s and 1800’s. This Truth continued to expand into the 20th Century with people like Dr. Ernest Holmes. Now join the 21st Century the understanding is expanding again.  There is one Energy. Call it God, Source or the Field. We are all It. We all contribute to It in our unique way. We make a difference. We are powerful, and the place to start is not out there, trying to fix everyone else and control matter. It is in each of us. Our consciousness needs to be changed and then little by little or maybe in one holy instant the world will be transformed.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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