Can the Universe Make a Mistake?


As we come upon the anniversary of the passing of our dear daughter, friend and spiritual light, Nora Rose Hines due to an auto accident, I am inspired to write about the idea of lives lost because of a mistake by the Universe. I can definitely understand how we can feel this way. When someone is taken suddenly and we have no comprehension of the whys or wherefores, where would our mind travel but to: this must be a mistake. Our mind is always looking for answers, to explain the mystery, and ways to bring ourselves back to a sense of peace.

For me, as much pain that I still feel about Nora’s passing, I cannot believe that there ever can be a mistake for any of us. I don’t claim to know why Nora left us, any more than I can comprehend why all the children who have died in mass shootings have left. However, I know that in a Universe of Love and Law all answers must finally come. I am open to those answers every day. I grieve and yet I am open to know more about Nora, about death, about life.

The Universe always answers our prayers. I had the opportunity to be in the presence of Anita Moorjani during the Intensive Retreat of Mystics, Sages and Scientists last week. If you are not familiar with her work, she wrote the book “Dying to be Me,” which tells her story of death and rebirth through her experience of a NDE. Being in her presence is like being in the presence of Mother Earth and Heaven.

The reason I mention her at this time is because she gave me an even deeper connection and understanding of this thing called “death.” Her knowing about the other side, the passing over, the choices that we get to make, the love that is always present, solidified many things for me concerning the death of my own family members and friends. We are each here until it is our time not to be here. We get to choose, and we can leave or go no matter what condition our body is in. We are waves of energy. ¬†Also, no one is lost. Can you even imagine what had to occur for us to get here into this body? Why would we get lost going out, Anita stated. This makes spiritual sense.

When Dr. Bruce Lipton, scientist of quantum physics, explained how we aren’t even our bodies but reflections of our consciousness, the truth came home even stronger. We do not die; we just change form like ice and water and vapor.

I don’t claim to know anything about Nora Rose Hines. I do not claim to know the pain her family of birth must feel. However, what I do know and it is a deep feeling of Truth through experience, is that Nora is right here. The day is here when we can experience our loved ones right here. The reason it doesn’t happen more for us is because we block it with fear and expecting them to show up the way we knew them in form. It is a feeling, a presence, an energy that makes itself known when we are ready. They can converse with us, but it is not through words. It is all feelings and thoughts. I have experienced this with my father, my mother, and yes, Nora. I continue to expand in this understanding and as I do, I know I will open up to more and more.

As Anita Moorjani said, we do not need to die to understand this. We can understand right now if we are willing to let go of all preconceived notions, and sit with the questions and the answers. The Universe of Love and Law is one of order, not chaos. It is always conspiring in our favor. It is us. It wants our highest good. Sometimes that highest goods takes us to another plane of existence. Have you ever met someone who seems to not be able to change here on earth? I’ve known many and when they have transcended, I know that this might have been the healing.

We are supernatural beings of Love and Light. Energy never dies. We are Energy. There are no mistakes and everything must be part of a journey that if we can step back far enough (and I know that we can), all will be made known to us.

I love you Nora Rose Hines. I celebrate your current expression in the realm of unlimited possibilities. I dance with you. I sing with you. I know only your good and the healing of your birth family, as they journey through this time of challenge. Love is present and I know love heals all.


Rev. Rita

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