We are Supernatural


As I prepare to meet my CSL Kaua’i family and share my experiences from my five intensive days immersed in quantum science and its evidence of our true identity, I am overwhelmed by all I could say, want to say and can’t say. When I say that I can’t say it, I mean that it is hard to express something that is a feeling. I have not yet integrated it all and words seem less than what I really experienced. There is so much to practice before making it my own.  However, I will do my best and I know that my best is good enough in this moment. On Thursday night, Patrick and I will give a more intensive two-hour presentation of our experiences at the Center, but for now, I’ll just begin.

In 1927, Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote that he looked forward to the day when science and religion would walk hand in hand from the visible into the invisible. This is what is occurring, as quantum science looks at the mechanisms of cells, genes, and DNA. Yes, they are finding something greater is running the show. It is invisible and it is Mind. It is a Field of Intelligence that we all reside in and as. We are affecting it in every second. Mind runs the show. A while back, Albert Einstein admitted that the mind was the soul governing agency of the body. It’s all about Mind, and another word for mind is Spirit, and another word for Mind is God. We are Divine and the God we were looking for we were looking from – us.  This is what the new science is discovering.

The second part of this which perhaps traditional science has a hard time with because they do not deal in this area is that this is a “Feeling Universe.” Mind is nothing without the force of feeling. We can’t just think our way into our destiny. We are feeling our way there. We are vibrations, waves of feelings and the strongest ones always win. As Dr. Joe Dispenza has proven, “thought sends the signal out and feeling brings the event back to us.”

So quantum science has discovered that we are powerful beyond measure, that only treating matter with matter does not create lasting change. We are energy and we must begin to treat ourselves as such. Traditional medicine is still very useful because we have not yet (for the most part) reached the point of leaving it behind. Traditional medicine saves lives. However, it is also a detriment when it doesn’t consider the power of the mind, the placebo, and the innate healing power of our bodies. It is a detriment when it becomes a slave to pharmaceutical companies and keeps us in ignorance by limiting what is in our text books and medical periodicals. To accept the fact that we have 50 trillion cells working around the clock on our behalf and that we are their commander and chief is the new human story, as Gregg Braden would call it.

The ancient ones of many cultures knew this: the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Asian cultures. There are quantum scientists of the past called by other names like mystics. Unfortunately, we’ve had lots of others who call themselves wise that tried to bury this information and make us feel powerless.  The New Thought movement of the 1700’s through 20th Century brought the story forward again. And now, the new science is taking over and becoming the new mysticism.

I feel a building momentum of like-minded people who are finding their power and learning how to use it for good. Over 32 countries were present at this recent conference.

I feel more and more of us living as our true selves and moving into positions of leadership to help others wake up. As I learned again at this intense conference, we are on the verge of the sixth mass extinction. It is already in motion. It is time to wake up from the dream, not to go out and try to change others, but to change what is ours to change – ourselves. We must claim our power, step into our quantum self and heal our lives. “We do not have a sick planet,” said Dr. Bruce Lipton,. “We have a planet of sick people.”

We are going to have to let go of condemnation for the dilemma our environment is in and stop blaming our leaders. We can continue to say no, but what are we saying yes to? We can’t change others and it will be difficult to try to change things from the outside.

We have to wise. We have to be brave. We have to rise above it all, be greater than it all and change ourselves by taking our power back. We are going to have to stick our neck out there and become our true supernatural selves by living in compassion, gratitude, appreciation from the heart, by loving more intensely and using the power of our Mind and Heart to join together in conscious co-creation with a Universal Power that is ours to use. We are supernatural; now let’s start living that way.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “We are Supernatural

  1. Thank you, this was so beautifully written and impassioned. I came to the Center fo0r the first time on Thursday, Richard Diamond told me what you would be talking about, I’m a huge Dr.Joe fan so I’m really grateful to you guys for sharing your download, that was a lot to cover! I loved the playful energy of both of you, so refreshing and seeing the way you interact with each other in front of an audience. You’re definitely having fun!

    We are usually working at the weekends in the craft fairs so Sundays are challenging to participate. But I hope to join in some of your other events, I love labyrinths so that looks like a great experience.

    I love the group experience, how it just amplifies whatever is happening. I have a group of people come over every week to watch the Dr. Joe 3 month on line courses, the prerequisites to do his week long advanced course. So much fun to share the journey with others.


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