Whose Channel is it Anyway?


I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of channeling lately. What is a channel? I’m not talking about a T.V. channel. I am talking about “a medium for communication or the passage of information.” I’m sure if I asked the readers here, they would name many channelers, They would probably tell me that they’d been to a channeler or at least had the opportunity to attend a channeling session either online or live. Channeling is most definitely a part of the spiritual belief system of many of us and prevalent in the world.

One of my most favorite Channelers is Esther Hicks, who channels an Entity called Abraham. I really receive a lot out of the information that is given, and it is very much in sync with my belief system – the Science of Mind and Spirit. I believe that channeling is here and that it is real. The people who call themselves channels most definitely believe that they are channeling and I can’t argue with any of it. I only have one issue with the whole idea of channeling.

It took me well over 40 years in my own spiritual journey to trust my own intuition and to know that there was no medium between me and God. “Between God and me there is no in-between.” Therefore, I am not skeptical about channeling, but I am leary to embrace it for myself. I want a clear message that comes through me directly. I want to experience what is called my mystic self that can tune into the truth of who I am, not psychism which reads my subjective field and tells me what could be my destiny because of what I am thinking and feeling right now. If someone comes to me and says that they have a message for me from a higher Entity on another plane (and, yes, I believe in this), then I would always wonder if the message was from that particular entity or whether it was a frequency being interpreted through the person giving it.

So, although I think this thing called channeling is real and might be necessary for those of us who are questioning our life, ourselves, and our ability to really hear what is coming through us, I am more inclined to work on my own listening/receiving power. I am more apt to spend more time in solitude and meditation and listen for my own answers. I trust myself. I trust the Consciousness that moves through me directly, that can give me a clarity about anything that I question.

There is another occasion where channeling is used to contact those who have passed from us. I have experienced this channeling on numerous occasions. The things that have been told to me about my dead loved ones seemed real and made sense at the time it came to me. Was the channeler really in contact with the person who had passed? There are two answers to this question. Yes, because we are all in the one field of energy, whether we are here in body or out of body. And, no, because the information that is being related could just as well come from the presence that is left with us when someone close to us leaves.

It is an interesting subject and a great mystery to unravel as it applies to each of us. I do believe that the veil between the unseen and the seen is thin. I do believe that many of the great souls who have transcended human form and have information to help us through these difficult times we face, are right here, trying to help. We are all one. In summary, perhaps those channelers that help us are our training wheels, while we learn to trust our own mediumship. I just think that it is wise for each us to strive to develop our own channel. It will be the most clear. It will be the one that we can most trust.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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