Check in With Your Super Power


People often ask how to embody the beautiful Principles that we teach in the Science of Mind and Spirit. How can you embody the idea that you are God’s perfect expression? How do you embody abundance or peace or compassion? These are all ideas that we can understand theoretically, but how do they become ours so that we live and breathe them in and as our lives?

Well, there is a simple answer. It would be the same way we embodied poverty or lack or judgement or confusion. We have programs that we’ve lived sometimes for 30 years or more. We’ve thought them until they’ve become beliefs. We’ve created ways of life based on these beliefs. They’ve become our reality because we continually behave as we believe. We look for it and it shows up for us. If we want to embody a principle, we must begin to put it into action. In other words, even before we totally believe it, we must start to exhibit that behavior.

I think that until we will accept the idea that this is a mental and spiritual Universe and start experimenting with this concept, we won’t change our consciousness and embody new ideas. Until we accept that it is done unto us as we believe and start working with this idea, we won’t change anything about our lives.

How do we embody new ideas and change our life? We simply believe that we can and then get to work at it. Surely, feeling and having a life that is peaceful, abundant and compassionate is far more pleasing then its opposite. I would think it would be worth the effort and time put in.

I find that the best place to start with it all is to have gratitude. It is the easiest of attitudes to conjure within oneself. If we can embody gratitude not just for things, but for the mere wonder and excitement of being alive and being ourselves, for me, I have immediate shifts in the other areas. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that resides within each of us. We’ve all felt it for someone or something. However, can we feel it for no reason at all?

Gratitude is the bridge to every other quality of Spirit – Love, Beauty, Joy, Peace, and Abundance. The Power of Gratitude is not to be taken lightly. Gratitude is a super power that brings peace of mind no matter what is going on in our lives. Some might ask, “How can I be grateful? I have no money. I’m sick. My wife left me.”

It might seem cliché, but every morning when we wake up, we have another opportunity to live on this earth, an opportunity to change, an opportunity to make new choices, an opportunity to think new thoughts, an opportunity to hug ourselves and give ourselves radical compassion, an opportunity to take a breath and bless the 50 trillion cells in our body that are keeping things going while we are focused on the negative. We have so much to be grateful for that has nothing to do with our material existence.

I am sold on Gratitude as the game changer of life. So, let’s start living a grateful life. Who’s in for this?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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