We Can Change Beliefs

Today, I realize how important clarity is. Do we know what we want? Do we know how we want to live? Are we clear on how we stand and what we believe about what we can experience in life? It’s all about what we believe. We cannot demonstrate a life beyond what we believe.

Some people tell me they do not know what they believe. This is not true. If we look at our life, we will see what we believe. Our life is the outpicturing of our beliefs. If we keep repeating old behaviors and habits, there is belief that is running those habits and behaviors. It could be a belief of not being enough or undeserving or some limitation that we’ve been carrying since our childhood.

The Truth is we can change beliefs. They are just beliefs. They are not who we are? The way to change a belief is to make a decision to change it. That is the first step. I wonder, sometimes, why I have held on to non serving beliefs for so long. Sometime, I think beliefs protect us. We feel safe not venturing out into that new belief. Sometimes, we have to hit rock bottom before we’ll change a belief. However, it always first takes a decision.

Then the work begins. The way I change a blief is to pick a belief that is opposite of the limiting belief. I then create an affirmation that works for me, one that makes me feel the new belief in my very heart center. It is important that we feel those affirmations. If you feel that you do not believe your affirmation, ask yourself why? You will get your answer and then you can start there.

Phineas Quimby, the 19th Century Healer, wrote that “Man is his belief.” Yes, we are the sum total of our beliefs, but remember we are the one who believed them and we can unbelieve them or keep them. It’s up to us. Oh, and we must begin to act on that new belief before we see the results of our new way of thinking. We must begin to put it to the test. Putting it into action will enforce the new belief.

If it is truly done unto us as we believe then we can trust that our life will change when our beliefs change. We can’t wait for our conditions to change before we believe differently. Also, remember that beliefs are neither true or false; they are just concepts that we’ve adopted and lived by. That’s all. We get to choose them. As we change our beliefs the world and our experiences in it take on a new look. We are changing our perception of everything by choosing to believe differently.

Examining my beliefs and constantly being conscious of how I am thinking is my road to a higher state of consciousness and a more expanded life. It is a daily practice.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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