Moving Through Crisis

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From December through part of February, I went through my first, what I call crisis, as a Spiritual Leader. In the beginning, there was a lot of chaos as the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place and the unknown became known. I will admit I did panic at first. I will admit  that I was led by my emotions at first. I will admit that I fell off Principle here and there at first. I will admit that at times, I reacted. I am being totally honest. It is interesting how one can be caught off guard even though one thinks they have it together. 

However, because I am practiced and what I consider prayed up, I knew how to take care of myself, pick myself up and begin to think clearly almost immediately. Even though a part of me wanted to wallow in what I considered the problem in the world of form, I brought myself back to the Principle I teach. Because I am Love, I shifted and let Love lead the way. I will admit at times it seemed like I was Rocky in ring when he kept getting punched, but continued to get up. He knew who he was and what was his to accomplish. I know who I am and what I am here to bring in service to the whole.

I take full responsibility for this event from start to finish. I know it was co-created with each person involved. I know it had a higher purpose. That I believe is what rose me through it. Knowing that there is always a gift in everything, even our darkest moments sets us in the direction of revealing the gift. However, we must be willing to expect the unexpected and trust and have faith.

In this case, the gift was me awakening to my leadership responsibilities and my abilities to stand in truth while always standing in love. It isn’t always easy to do both these things, but it is integral. I would say that making a decision, even though it might not be accepted by all, was a turning point for me as a spiritual being.

Why am I explaining all this? Each of us is faced with decisions every day. It might be a decision about a relationship, something to do with our finances, our jobs, our health. We all face our own crises. What I know is that the most important thing in any instance is standing on the solid rock of knowing who we are. If we are truly Divine Intelligence and Love, if we are truly God expressing here on this earth plane, then it would be impossible not to know what to do in every moment. If we truly know that everyone else is God and that everything is merely reflecting back to us our state of consciousness, then we have the opportunity to rise our consciousness into a higher state in order to move through the experience and out of it with ease and grace, gathering the gifts along the way.

I am grateful for a philosophy that gives me the tools to move through any experience. We do not need anything else besides the understanding and embodiment of knowing that in every moment, we are causing effect and that we get to shift and turn direction when we decide to do so. The Universe supports a decided mind that is backed with love pointing the way.

A crisis, for any of us, is not a punishment for wrong thinking, it is an opportunity to move closer to our Source, to go deeper within, to express more self-love, to gain more clarity, to build a stronger foundation of faith and trust.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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