Off Principle?

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What is Principle? In the Science of Mind it means “The source or cause from which a thing results. A truth which is unchangeable.” Principle tells me in every moment I am causing effect. I, through my thinking backed by feeling, impress the Field of Energy that moves through me at my command, bringing everything that is like that thought back to me. We call it the Law of Cause and Effect, or the Law of Correspondence, or the Law of Mental Equivalents. Principle is a premise from which we live and whether we know it or not it is always working.

Yesterday, in my blog, I wrote about a challenging experience. At one point I said that within the experience, there were moments that I felt I had fallen off Principle. Is it possible to be off Principle? Well, in actuality, no. The Law is always working and we are always working it whether we know it or not. However, yes, I can be off Principle. To me, this means that even though I know the consequences of thinking or acting  in a certain way, I continue down that road. In essence, for a moment, I have forgotten who I am. This to me is what is meant by falling off Principle.

Is it a bad thing? There is no bad or good where I come from, there is only the logical consequences of the workings of Cause and Effect. As Dr. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “We are not punished for our sins, but by them.” This makes total sense to me. No one is punishing us for our sins (Sins = thinking that doesn’t serve us); however, we do suffer the consequences of projecting lack, limitation and other non-serving ideas out into the field.

Someone wrote me today about yesterday’s blog, saying that their grandma always told them that “Love brings up whatever is in its way.” Yes, Love heals everything, and if there is something within us that needs to arise for healing, it will come up and we will have to face it and love ourselves through it.

The Universe is for us, not against us. It is always conspiring for our highest good. When I remember this, no matter what is in front of me, I look for the hidden treasure that is calling me home, back to myself – my true self – LOVE.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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