Birthless, Deathless, Ageless!

“The greatest good that can come to anyone is the forming within him of an absolute certainty of himself and of his relationship to the Universe, forever removing the sense of heaven as being outside himself. ..Such an understanding teaches us that there can never come a time when we shall stop progressing and that age is an illusion, that limitation is a mistake, that unhappiness is ignorance. This understanding will rob man of his loneliness and give him a sense of security which knows no fear, a peace without which no life can be happy, a poise which is founded on this peace, and a power which is the result of the union of peace with poise.” 

As my 67th birthday approaches, I suppose I could be thinking of age, but I’m not. In fact, I feel younger than ever. Really! Yes, when I look in the mirror, I can see I’ve changed with a few more wrinkles and a spot here or there, but really I think I look wonderful and I am grateful for my health and my strength.

I attribute my good health to the fact that I’ve never bought into the idea of getting old.  I’m not talking about getting old in the sense that I think I can look thirty forever or that my body hasn’t changed, I’m talking about getting old in spirit. I believe I can progress through this physical life with grace, ease and a willingness to embrace every age I pass through. I believe that all is controlled by consciousness, our individual consciousness, unless we choose to buy into race consciousness. Race-consciousness tells us all about what we should believe about ourselves, our bodies, our health, our age, etc.

Age is an illusion in the ways of the Spirit. I remember my mother-in-law telling us that she didn’t feel any different than she did when she was twenty and was shocked when she looking in the mirror. 

Our Spirit knows no age. We do not age in Spirit; we simply mature or grow into our greater selves. It’s as if we already know who we are, but for reasons of our own evolution, we have to figure it out again when we land in the world of space and time. Space and time is a great school and those who can learn to live within it while out of it at the same time are Masters. Jesus was one of these, the yogis, Buddha, the monks of ancient lands and you and me, if we choose.

Can we live in both worlds: space and time and the limitless space-less field of Energy, the Quantum world, the Absolute? The answer would have to be yes because we are all born with the same innate ability, made of God Stuff and on the road to enlightenment. Actually, don’t be fooled, we are already enlightened. We are just waking up to it, revealing our enlightenment.

I’m excited about these times we are in because, the pace is stepping up. There is a battle between the old and the new world that is accelerating. Which world do you choose? It might be easier to buy a gas mask and wait for whatever it is to hit, or we could just change our consciousness and begin to live as if everything was in our favor, that the Universe/God was taking us by the hand and leading us back to ourselves. This would include all of what is occurring: the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe we should remove the labels and just say, “it is” and we can change instead of trying to change “what is.” “What is” will change as we change. 

If you are lost with what I am writing here, here’s a good starting point. Take the time to KNOW THYSELF. It was written on the ancient walls of many ancient cultures and faiths. KNOW THYSELF. This is the journey we need to take if we want to live in the new world. It’s already here. It’s not coming. We are the ones who have to come into our own in order to know we have arrived. We are birthless, deathless ageless!

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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