Always at Choice!

There is a country western song called “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” I am feeling that many people are asking this question right now. “Should I go on my vacation?” “Should I cancel my trip to…?” “Should I leave this relationship? “Should I die or should I live?” Yes, even that. What I’m understanding from hearing these sorts of comments is the added idea that we are waiting for someone else to make the decision for us. If that is the case, the wait might never end. Instead remember, we are always at choice.

The whole philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit is based on this Spiritual Truth: We are at choice. Ernest Holmes, mystic and teacher wrote, “We have a right to choose what we shall induce in Mind (the Field). …We have the right to choose what wish to experience. …Therefore, there must be not only the possibility of choice, but the liability of experiencing that which is chosen. …We cannot live a choiceless life. Every day, every moment, every second, there is choice. If it were not so we would not be individuals.” 

Now, you might ask who is Ernest Holmes and how does he know this. Well, he is a person, along with others, who have taken a lifetime to prove what he writes. He backs is statements with experimentation and success. We can do the same.

In this time of extremes, we are coming to understand that the only way for us to truly advance with success is through conscious choice. This would include the choice of how we respond to what is going on in our outer world. These choices will make all the difference in the world of how we experience these times. Not making a choice allows others the ability to choose for us.

Most prevalent lately is the Coronavirus pandemic. I am well aware of the physical reality of this virus, but I am making the choice to stay in love instead of fear. I will take the advice given in the medical world, but I will not jump to the conclusion that things are getting worst and that I must stop my normal everyday way of living, including loving, hugging, traveling and being a free choice-filled being. I respect the feelings of fear in others, and I am here to comfort and console, but I am not here to sink into the hole of fear with anyone. I am here to stand on firm ground.

I believe in the Power of Healing and the Power of Prayer. I believe that the Power that truly resides within each of us, what I call God/First Cause/the Absolute, is an untouched vibratory field of energy that is responding to all of us right now. It responds to us collectively and individually. We get to choose what we give it to respond to, and it can only come through the channel of our own mind, which is always one with It.

The best antidote for the Coronavirus is a aligned heart and mind that knows who it is. “The person who dares to fling their thought out into Universal Intelligence, with the assurance of one who realizes their divine nature and its relation to the Universe – and dares to claim all there is – will find an ever-creative good at hand to aid them. …To the soul that knows its own divinity, all else must gravitate. …Let us dare to believe that every constructive word is invincible!” (Ernest Holmes)

The world needs our mental and emotional health and strength right now. It doesn’t need our fear. Please do not give up on us. We all need each other right now, as we are birthing a new world. As a friend and colleague of mine use to say (I’m paraphrasing), when we are making a change, everything comes up to let us know it isn’t true. She called it “the last gasp of a dying fear.” It’s not just a coincidence that this virus is attacking the lungs.

Breathe everyone and remember who you are: Powerful, Divine, and ALWAYS AT CHOICE!

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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