A Message from Rita on Her Birthday

During this time and all that is happening in the world of the Coronavirus and other experiences in my life and seeming calamities in the world, I am truly being tested about what I believe. I have been practicing the Science of Mind and Spirit for over twenty years, and I would have to say that the past year and a half has truly tested my faith. What I can say I truly know is that I still believe and rely on this Faith. It is the only thing that I have ever practiced in my life that has proven itself to be reliable. Here is why I can say this. It answers every question I could possibly have from why to wherefore to how to what to when. It brings me true peace of mind. As I practice it consistently, I am guided and directed on what is mine to do.

It is my birthday today and what I am most grateful for is to be relaxed in this knowing that beyond all that is happening in the world of conditions, something deeper and more amazing is happening.

I rely on this one Divine Intelligence that moves and breathes through all of creation. It doesn’t leave when a disturbance is happening. It is still right here where each of us is healing, aligning, declaring its wholeness. Any disturbance is merely an illusion of separation from it.

When we surrender to this greater Intelligence in which we all reside, it leads the way to answers, to revelation of more truth, to guidance, to direction. It is the intuition that we all possess that is unique to each of us. It lets us know that we are eternal beings, that time and space is not our eternal reality and that we are walking in time and space as spiritual beings. We can heal in an instant or we can go through the process of healing. Each is equally good and individual. There is not wrong way or right way. Love is the greatest healing force and this is the true test today. How much can we love?

On my birthday, which I believe is my great Power Day, the day I came to be here in time and space, I have a knowing. I know that there is no greater Power than God/Life Force/ Source/Brahma/Truth/Universe (whatever we call it). It is the one Life in which we move and live and have our being. It is perfect. If it weren’t, we couldn’t exist for a moment. I know that what is happening now is a great awakening. We are coming into ourselves after a long sleep. The seeming calamities are merely our alarms going off again and again, saying “Wake Up, and take your place in the birth of the new earth. Reveal your True Self and live it with all of your being. Give your gifts now. God/Source is pushing you out into expression. You might press the snooze alarm, but is relentless and will not give up on you. You are an eternal being in a great chain of evolution that is coming to know itself in magnificent ways. Keep on keeping on and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! It is the answer to everything! Love is a bottomless well that is always filled. Love more than you ever have before.”

Happy Birthday Everyone! with Love from Rita on her birthday!

2 thoughts on “A Message from Rita on Her Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY DEAR RITA.   MAKE IT THE BEST ONE EVER!!!  Love you, Jackie Jackie Turner808-346-2014www.jackieturnertarotcardreader.com

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