One Cell At A Time


The definition of a virus: “infectious agent with both living and nonliving characteristics that is totally dependent on a host cell for replication…”

We’ve got a virus right now and there is something we can do about it. The most important thing I am remembering right now is I am a Spiritual being living in a Spiritual universe governed by my use of the Law of Cause and Effect. I am causing effect in this very moment not by what I do, but the intention behind what I do, the belief behind what I do.

I am well aware of the Conronavirus, and I am well aware of how to stay healthy on the physical, but staying healthy on the physical level is nothing will do nothing if we do not stay healthy on the mental, emotional and spiritual level. Am I replicating the parasite within my own cells?

We can wash our hands all we want, stay out of large crowds, wall ourselves up in our homes, eat foods that are recommended to ward off infection and a multitude of other physical antidotes; however, what are we doing with our minds? Our we growing this virus with fear? As more and more restrictions are being put on the world in the way of bans on travel and large crowd gatherings, shutting down of events and all the things we love, what are we doing instead? How are we spending our time.

It is so important right now to stay aligned spiritually and in love. It is important to tend our own mental gardens. It is important to be kind to one another. It is important to be creative. Walling ourselves up to watch the news and numb our minds with mindless T.V. is only going to allow this virus to continue to grow within each of us individually and collectively.

One thing I know is that I can never be threatened. I rely on a Power that is greater than all of this. The Power that created us, the Cosmos and all of creation is greater than all this and it has not left us. It is right here in the virus, following our lead. I know that this Power will carry me through this. I am confident that no matter what I face or faces me that I have enough conviction within me to treat it with Love and not fear. My only job during this pandemic is to be a Consciousness of Healing no matter where I am and what I am experiencing. I take responsibility for my contribution to this pandemic. I take my responsibility seriously.

This is a mental world. Everything comes from the mental. Is it any surprise that we have a virus that is keeping us away from each other? We have been angry at each other, divisive, living in hatred, and competition, judgmental of everyone, treating our fellow brothers and sisters inhumanly, mistreating Mother Earth, etc. Is there any wonder we are now having to close our borders on an even more global scale? This is how Cause and Effect works.  We do not have to feel guilty, but we do need to take responsibility for our creation. This is the place to start with love, not blame; with compassion not judgment.

However, we are not doomed. Ernest Holmes, the mystic and teacher who lived through similar tumultuous times, once wrote that no matter where we are at, we can turn the wheels of Causation in the opposite direction by deciding to do so. It is never too late. I know and associate with many Lightworkers who are doing this right now, working on themselves on our behalf. I join them. I invite you to join us.

What will you do today to assist in beginning to turn this fear virus around? Let us all go into our own mental closets and clean our own mentalities, meditate on love not fear, go deep and ask what is ours to do, speak to this virus and ask it what it wants from us? We will get an answer if we are not afraid to hear it. Then, it will be up to us to respond to that answer and take our place in the army of Love that will finally transmute this energy to a healing balm of peace, health, harmony, balance, and wholeness. It is already so. We do not have to create it. We just have to reveal it one cell (you and me) at a time.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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