I’ll Meet You Where You Are

There is a belief among ministers that we should meet the people that come to us for assistance “where they are.” I understand this idea to a certain extent, as we do not want to talk at people or appear above them or talk in ways that are esoteric or heady. We do not want to stop someone from expressing their fears and anxieties; however, as I approach the larger groups I deal with, I do not necessarily know where is. Everyone is individual and everyone is in a different place in consciousness. I believe I can only do my best to share myself from where I am, and to inspire you to enlarge your capacity to be more of yourself – your God self.

Taking this concept to the world of our current situation with this pandemic – the Coronavirus, It becomes even more evident that I cannot meet everyone where they are. As a matter of fact, where we all are is changing daily. As far as I know most of us have never experienced anything like this before, the information changes everyday and for much of it, we are learning day-by-day, moment by moment what the next move will be.

However, as I rise every morning to all the information, doing my best to stay in touch with the world but steady in my spiritual practice, I find that the best I can do is to meet myself where I am. I want to share that with you in this writing this morning.

I am actually excited about what is happening. I feel it has been a long time coming and that we have been crying out for something to stop the madness. This virus seems to have answered the call. It is truly forcing us to go within. It is also forcing us to communicate with each other on a deeper level.

Last night I chose to go to a concert here on the Island. The attendance was lower than the past for this particular group, but still people showed up. As many of us know, it has become appropriate to ask someone if they are hugging or not. Yes, some people are still hugging. I’m one of them, but only if someone wants to be hugged. Am I being irresponsible. I do not believe so because I know where I am in consciousness. I also believe in everyone’s choice. Everyone else has this opportunity. This, I believe, is one of the important things this experience is teaching us. We are having to truly tune in and honestly assess where we are in consciousness. We are having to make choices that come from the depths of ourselves.  There is no good consciousness or bad consciousness. There is just consciousness. When I use the word, I am talking about awareness. What do you believe about yourself, your relationship to the current situation and what do you feel is your place in it. Are your choices coming from fear or from an honest assessment of your consciousness without judgment?

Last night I did notice that there is some shame surrounding our individual choices. Those who feel less apt to restrain from physical contact have a sense of being judged and those who are restraining from physical contact have a sense of feeling judged. What I note about this is that it promotes separation. We do not want this. We want to promote respect and love.

What is the answer to all this? For me, firstly, I stay anchored in Faith. As I let go of fear, I can hear the Divine within me more clearly, leading my path as to what my next thing to do is. Secondly, I stay spiritually practiced. I am vamping up my prayers and meditations. Thirdly, I practice kindness, compassion and allow everyone to be just where they are. This allows me the freedom to create a nonjudgmental sharing with everyone. Fourth, I am diligently staying healthy physically. This is a two-sided coin because my physical health is reliant solely on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I cannot separate them. Cause is effect.

I choose to believe that this is Good because I believe that the Universe always works in our favor. As I said at the beginning of this writing, I believe we called this in on a subconscious level.  It is here because we needed a loud knock on our consciousness’s door. We need to rise up in love. How much can we love? How much compassion can we have? How kind can we be? How cooperative can we be? How creative can we be as we are asked to pivot out of the way we usually operate? However, more than anything else, will we truly remember who we are and use our Power for good.

Our Mind focused on an intention is the most powerful thing we have in our possession.  Choice is our spiritual tool and we can use it now more powerfully than ever before. We have the choice of how we respond to these times and it is making all the difference in the world.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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