Spiritual Solutions for the Coronavirus

So, as this amazing situation that we find ourselves in called the Coronavirus continues to shift and change every day, here is what I know. We must remain resilient. We must go deeper into our own intuition. We must remain kind and compassionate. We must remain awake and alert. We must be smart and take care of ourselves. We must remember who we are.

I’ll start with the idea of being resilient. As we are given new information, it is becoming more and more mandatory that we shift and change. Yesterday, for just a moment, I contemplated what morbidity felt like. STOP!. We have a choice. We cannot go into fear. Instead, we must become creative in our approach to our lives. Instead of fighting what is, we must come up with new and creative ways to give our gifts to the world, to become helpers instead of fighters. There is so much we can do. Even sitting in our own homes with no Internet, because consciousness is non local (omnipresent), we can use our minds to fill up the one Mind with love and affirmations. With the Internet, phones and computers, we can do so much more in the way of communicating our love. Be resilient!

We all have the gift of Intuition. It is God/Spirit/Intelligence within each of us knowing itself. When we tap into this, we will be guided and directed in just the right way. We will know when to stop and when to go. We will know how to be safe. We will know what is ours to do. This is a gift that all of us have; however, we must take time to connect with it and allow it to move through us. It takes trust. It takes faith. It takes listening with an open mind.

As the beautiful quote by Mr. Rodgers challenged us to “look for the helpers” in scary times, what I know is we are the helpers. Each of us is a helper and we must look for ways to help, to be kind, to be compassionate. It is so easy when stressed to react and separate even more from each other. Take a breath first and ask, “What would compassion do here?”

There is nothing more important than to remember who we are. We are not mere mortals being pushed around by an effect called a virus. We are Divine Beings, Absolute Intelligence, Love Personified with all the faculties of God – Truth, Beauty, Power, Wisdom, Light, Joy, Peace and Love. There is nothing we cannot do.

All of this will lead us back to ourselves. I take responsibility for worsening this virus anytime, I further separate myself mentally and emotionally from others. I do not have to touch you or even see you to love you. You are my brother, my sister and we are one.
My friend asked me to put a Spiritual Mind Treatment on FaceBook that we could read should we need it or desire it. For those of you who do not know what a Treatment is, simply put, it is praying the solution to any challenge. It is recognizing the Power and Presence of the Divine Spirit revealing itself now no matter what the experience. It moves energy and creates an avenue of light within us allowing our desires to manifest. It is spoken into the one Field of Energy, the one Mind, the Law and is felt everywhere. It can be repeated once or as often as necessary until consciousness is changed.
So, here is what I know…
I recognize the Power and Presence of Spirit, God, Source as everywhere present. This Power is the only Power there is – one Power, self-existent, indestructible first Cause. It is pure unlimited, eternal Energy and had never been touched by anything. It is just waiting for me to impress it with my Word.

I speak my word from this place because I know that I am this Power, this Energy this Source. I know this as me and as each person reading this and as all of creation. We are the Power and the Presence of Spirit/Source/God beating in and as the same heartbeat called the Universe.

Knowing this is the Truth, I know there is nothing that we cannot do during this time of change and seeming challenge. I claim and realize in this challenge the solution and revelation of love, harmony, balance and good. I know that each and every one of us is Divinely guarded, protected, guided and directed individually and collectively on this journey of light and love. Speaking this Truth, I know I am removing any obstacle to the demonstration of healing right here and now. I stay firm in this, knowing the Power and Presence of Love endures and is the only healing Power there is. It is eternal, unstoppable, a Cosmic force “whose sweep is irresistible.” It reveals itself now everywhere through and as everyone. Love is. Light is. Healing is.
I sit in a well of gratitude for the demonstration of all I have written here – my Word. I give thanks for a clear consciousness of healing revealing itself in love right now. I give thanks for the oneness, the unity, the grace that manifests itself through all of creation. I give thanks for the healer in each of us and the healed. I give thanks for the perfect outcome for each of us in the perfect way individually and collectively.

With my thanksgiving, I release my Word, as Law, knowing it is already fulfilled. It is unstoppable. It transmutes everything into love now. And so it is!
In Love and Truth,
Rev. Rita

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