Look for the Helpers

I am just bathing myself in gratitude today. I know that gratitude is healing. It has been scientifically proven that those who practice gratitude live longer, more joy-filled lives. They light up every room they walk into and serve our planet in amazing ways by creating waves of uplifting vibrations.

Really, there is so much for which to be grateful right now. After focusing my attention on what everyone is doing that is loving and compassionate, my whole perspective on this Coronavirus pandemic continues to shift tremendously. Witnessing huge companies and many people offering their services, halting late fees, giving extensions to payments, helping their neighborhoods, artists offering concerts online, and so much more is inspiring and fills me with more and more Knowing that there is a huge gift here if we are willing to open up and receive it.

When Mr. Rogers the beautiful teacher said,  “in scary times, look for the helpers,” he was giving a healing message to all of us. As we know, what we focus on grows, and this is definitely a time to focus on the good, the helpers, and to keep our vision for the future positive. We are Energy; we are Consciousness. In the end, we will have found that Consciousness is what changed the direction of this whole experience. I know it.

I am grateful for all of the Lightworkers that are sharing their Consciousness with the world in all the amazingly different ways. I am grateful for the healing that is taking place. Whenever something seems to obstruct this flow, I am allowing whatever that is to transmute with gratitude. Even the obstructions are calling us to go deeper within.

Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i is going to only online gatherings and classes for the next little bit. We are complying with the authorities without fear, only love. We are here for prayer. We have a mighty Spiritual Practitioner Corps. Please utilize us. Leave your prayer request at 808-755-9177. Join us online on Sunday at 9am at Online at CSL Kaua`i Please pass the word so others know that this is happening. In fact, pass every good thing you hear about forward.

There is so much good happening right now. There is so much spiritual nourishment available to help us to go within and guide our individual paths. I invite us to keep our vibration high. The future of our planet depends on it.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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