Look to Nature – Look to the Changeless!

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In an answer to these challenging times of restricted public gatherings and social distancing, last night, we began our online ministry at CSL Kaua`i, with the writings of Richard Diamond, a beautiful Spirit on our Island, whose middle name is “Service.” He is Love personified, Goodness and Truth. He presented his essays are called “Radiance Unleashed.”

As the small group of staff, which included Richard, my co-spiritual director, Patrick, musicians and the technical team gathered to center and pray before we started, I felt a sense that something extraordinary was happening, something that we would look back on and say, “Wow! We rose during that time and carried on!” Yes, we shifted and changed and opened up to a new way to do something, to reach out, to give within a time when everything seems to be being halted.

However, yet, I woke up this morning with a heavy load, thinking of all that is going on as new developments about this Coronavirus shift and change and seem to expand across our country and the world. It can be overwhelming. Although I have been though many challenges in my lifetime from the Vietnam War to Kennedy’s Assassination through the tragedies and other assassinations of the 60s, through economic breakdown, the Twin Towers, more wars, etc., and now this, I could feel very lost and in despair. I could go there. We all could go there. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT. I CANNOT.

Suddenly, as I heard the birds singing and the ocean in the distance and looked up into the sky from my bed, laying next to my husband, an overwhelming sense of peace came over me. The Universe is still here and will never go away. Nature is constant. It is the Changeless within the change. Our ocean is brown with the heavy rainfalls of the past few days, and soon it will be blue again. That is the Changeless creating the new again and again. We are always safe in the Changeless.

The Universe cannot be touched by human hands, hates, dis-eases, stress or those who wish to control. It is the Changeless and we must turn to it now. We must look to Nature and rely on it. We must turn to our oneness. It is our very cells and it is eternal and it moves as the Loving Divine Presence, the Divine Intelligence which moves through us all – the Changeless and constant.

If you are feeling at all scared or in despair, I invite you to look to Nature. Meditate with it, even if it is just a little plant in your home or office. Let it speak to you. Speak to It. It is us. We are the Changeless and although we are changing right now, something within us that we always were and always will be can never change. We are safe. We are guarded, guided and protected.

We’ve got this. We got this and it I not a virus. It is an awakening to our True Selves, our Universal Selves that is forever Changeless and at one with everyone and everything.

Join us this Sunday as we continue to sow seeds of love at CSL Kaua`i: SUNDAY 9AM (HT)

In Truth and Love,

Rev. Rita






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