Walking the Realms

Can you walk the realms? I am finding that Jesus’ statement “Be in this world but not of it,” is of the essence right now. “In my Father’s House, there are many mansions,” rings truer than ever.  It can be a slippery slope, but we have to be willing and able to walk the realms. We must be able to stay aware of the information that we receive concerning the Coronavirus, but not walk in the fear consciousness surrounding it. There is a frequency and vibration of Consciousness that we must maintain if we are to move through this time with health and strength.

This does not mean that one realm is better than another. Each level is merely a vibration and frequency that is. All of it comes from within each of us. We have access to all of it, and we get to choose how much of it we want to embody.

As I wrote yesterday, the Universe is unchanging. It is the totality of everything. It is Infinite. It is pulsating at a constant unlimited rate, keeping everything in wholeness, harmony and balance. It is unlimited potential. It has never been touched by anything or impaired by any virus. We get to experience as much of it as we want, but we are responsible for our own vibration within it. We get to turn the volume up or down and it is all a conscious choice. The Universe responds to us as we respond to it.

I invite us to keep our vibration high through spiritual practice, following our passion, being in service, giving and opening up to receive, choosing courage over fear, loving more than ever, and putting that love into action.

We can walk the realms and assist where we are needed, but in order to walk with grace, we have to put on our own spiritual oxygen masks first. Breathe in the Universal Life Force and let it fill you up. Tap into your Divine Intuition more than ever. We have all the tools and there is a place within each of us that has never been touched by anything and can never be touched by anything. Consciousness is everything. There is a place in Consciousness where the Coronavirus does not exist at all. The way is as Dr. Joe Dispenza would say, “by becoming supernatural.” Others might call it “walking in the Spirit.” Let us all find that place for ourselves and spread the good news through our example.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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