Otherness or Oneness? Our Future Depends on It

Sadasivanathaswami from our Hindu Monastery here on Kaua`i wrote these words concerning these times we are in with the present pandemic. “I marvel that, for the first time in a very long time, every person in every household in every village in every nation is thinking and acting as one. It has already had the effect of breaking otherness (for some, not all), and that unified consciousness may grow stronger yet. We can hope for that.” 

It is true that those who are conscious of the Coronavirus pandemic and its implication in his or her individual life shares in a consciousness of oneness. However, we are all having different experiences in consciousness, in this oneness. We are either contributing oneness or otherness in the oneness.

I believe the outcome of this pandemic will manifest either in the amount of otherness or oneness that we consciously embrace. If we choose to separate by pointing our fingers with blame, embracing fear of each other, living from the past, or not allowing everyone to have their own experience, we will manifest this reality. If instead, we choose to use this time as a time of connection with our deeper selves, allowing the consciousness of oneness to embrace us as we love ourselves and therefore each other more deeply, that is the reality that will be manifested. I am knowing that a oneness of compassion and acceptance is what we are embracing.

The Oneness Consciousness of Love will determine whether we walk through this pandemic into a greater expression of our life on Planet Earth or whether we will continue down the road to the sixth mass extinction. We are determining our very existence here on earth right now.

I already know that the planet will continue in its own evolution. It will pick up the pieces that we have left behind and build itself anew. That is what is called an effect, the cause being separation or otherness. We are eternal and I believe we will continue to exist again somewhere. We cannot die for we our life and life is. However, will spiritual evolution have proceeded forward or will be starting all over again, as we have done on other occasions through the ages?

What I am choosing right now is oneness. I am not separate from the coronavirus, its effects, or my fellow spiritual beings. My consciousness is one of knowing that the effects that we are experiencing are temporary and that we are traveling through these effects to a higher state of consciousness in the Field where this virus does not exist at all. This is where I am choosing to live, breathe and having my being, while at the same time respecting everyone else’s experience.

I know I can do this. I know we all can do this. We can, if we have not already, shift to oneness, drop the blame, get into the present and begin to build our future. I am grateful already for all the doctors, the nurses, the scientists that are working diligently to help the fallen and all of us to move to health in the world of conditions. They are heroes and heroines.

I am grateful for the spiritual leaders and healers all over the globe, including myself, who are standing in the consciousness of oneness and love, sharing their truth, and assisting in the healing.

What I know is that as we celebrate oneness, we have the opportunity and ability to accept everyone as they respond differently to this pandemic. We do not have judge, we can merely live from compassion and love. We envision that we begin to see that we are all in this together and something amazing is coming from this. It came to teach us that we can no longer travel the road of stress, isolation, competition, judgement, bigotry, violence and anger.

The only way for us to thrive now is to join together and use our own unique talents and capabilities to assist. We all are a piece of this eternal matrix of energy that is re-forming itself right now. We are planting the seeds for our future. I know and claim that we are planting a good crop that will come forth as the new earth with a new expansive consciousness in which we all claim our Divinity and live it.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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