How Deep is Your Foundation?

The Bible is a great book for me when interpreted from a metaphysical standpoint. I love the teachings of the Master Jesus, especially his Parables. In fact, I consider my way of life, the Science of Mind and Spirit, as a philosophy that is truly aligned with Jesus’ teachings of love, healing, cause and effect, and the Truth of the Kingdom of Heaven being within us.

I had the opportunity to hear a short talk by Eckhart Tolle based on the Parable from Jesus in Matthew 24. It was so rich and relevant to our time right now, as we deal with the Coronavirus that I feel the Divine Urge to write about it myself.

The Parable in Matthew 7:24 goes like this.

“Everybody who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise builder who built a house on bedrock. The rain fell, the floods came, and the wind blew and beat against that house. It didn’t fall because it was firmly set on bedrock. But everybody who hears these words of mine and doesn’t put them into practice will be like a fool who built a house on sand. The rain fell, the floods came, and the wind blew and beat against that house. It fell and was completely destroyed.”

Well, what the “words” Jesus is talking about? He cannot be talking about anything but Love and the Truth that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. This was his whole ministry.  The house he is speaking about is our own consciousness. It is our awareness. It is our essence. Do we have a deep foundation? Is it deep enough that we can weather this storm we are going through, or are we going to be tossed around like the masses are right now like a house built on sand?

We are being given a lot of facts that can breed fear within us. We can be spending our time predicting what will happen next with dread. I just saw that the Surgeon General warn us that “This week it’s going to get really bad.”

Well, it might get really bad. Are you scared? Your fear will be based on how deep your foundation of Truth is. Do you fear death? Do you fear the loss of loved ones? Do you fear the loss of money? Do you fear the lose of everything in the world of form? Well, we might very well lose everything. But, how you experience this loss will be dependent on how deep your foundation of Truth is. Fear and Truth cannot live in the same house.

The storm is definitely here. I am not denying it. However, it is how we choose to live in the storm that determines how we experience the storm. And, in the philosophy that I embrace, how I think about this storm truly determines its outcome. I choose to think in the present moment in peace without dread of the future.

Some of us our locked in our houses. Our children are not allowed to go to school. We cannot venture out to a movie or restaurant. I am looking at this as an opportunity. I see this as an opportunity to awaken by going deeper and deeper. If our foundation is not as strong as we would like it to be, we can still build it now. We can choose not to be distracted by things we cannot control and instead go within and begin to connect ourselves with the Presence that can weather all storms. We can still take all the precautions handed down to us while at the same time focusing on that something within us that can never be destroyed. The foundation of a house that knows its True identity is deep and lasting.

This is our virus. It doesn’t belong to anyone else, but us. We can try to blame this group or that person, but it belongs to all of us. I believe it is destroying the reality of that which is no longer useful. It is scary because it is uncomfortable and we are doubting everything we ever held as life-sustaining. However, we can still build an amazing powerful outcome right now.

Eckhart Tolle said this: “The ego weeps for what it has lost. The spirit rejoices for what it has found. … This is a time of great opportunity; Use it!”

This is the progression of the great awakening. From crisis is coming the deepening. There are those helping us in the world of form. I am grateful for the doctors. The scientists, the nurses, the paramedics, the police, and all. However, we are surrounded, also, by great spiritual teachers that are assisting us through this time of crisis. We need to find the balance now.

And remember, the greatest teacher is the one you will find within your own soul. This is the teacher that has been here with you all along. It is the Divine, the Christ, the Buddha, the Atman, the Brahma, the Jehovah that is you. Build your foundation from this place and ride this storm. You will not be torn down. Your house will remain strong and deeply rooted. You will prevail. You will walk through this time in peace into the rebirth. I cannot think of a greater gift than the peace that comes from one who knows his Divine Identity and lives from it, walking the earth, assisting where needed, expanding, loving and passionate about life in the present moment. This is the one who has built his/her house on Truth. God is all there is. Heaven is within you. We are one.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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