Training My Army

You have an army within you called your immune system. I invite you to first listen to this short video by Dr. Joe Dispenza: Your Immune System before continuing with this blog. 

Okay, now you know how capable a strong immune system is. You also might know that diet, exercise and attitude help to strengthen your immune system. What I have found since the start of this Coronavirus pandemic is that I have upped my immune system training. In fact, I feel like one of those super heroes in the movies or maybe Rocky when he goes into accelerated training before the final Act III battle.

Yes, I’ve upped my exercise. I’ve upped my vitamin intake. I’ve upped my already healthy diet. However, none of this matters, if I am still stressed, in fear or overwhelmed. This, we know, is a proven scientific fact: Stress kills and also weakens our immune system.

So, as most of you know I am a minister and teacher of the Science of Mind and Spirit. Everything starts in mind or consciousness. If my Consciousness is not healthy, than I have no where to progress from. And, it goes in this order: the Spirit directs the mind, which directs the body. Spirit (Consciousness) is top command of my army.

Here are some tools that I use every day to strengthen my immune system from a spiritual standpoint:

  1. Spiritual Mind Treatment – What is this? It is what I call affirmative prayer. I pray the solution to any challenge. I shift my energy by changing my beliefs. I direct the energy flow of life in the direction that I choose. I reveal what is already my innate immune system: Wholeness, Harmony, Balance.
  2. Meditation – I  practice meditation at least one hour a day. More if I can. I am a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. My favorite meditation at this time is “The Blessing of the Energy Centers.” It’s available on YouTube: Blessing the Energy Centers.
  3.  I use affirmations all day long. Anytime anything comes up that I feel is not serving my alignment, I affirm the opposite. I use words that stir my emotions and feelings to a greater level than the negative emotion. It works.
  4. I keep my talk positive. It’s okay to discuss the coronavirus if you are finding solutions for yourself and others; it’s another thing to repeat over and over about how awful it is and speak your dread about what could happen next
  5. I check the news, but that’s all. I do not read it and read it and read it or listen to it over and over. Much of it has proved to be incorrect information anyway.
  6.  I am taking spiritual courses on line with various teachers. I am also reading uplifting material.
  7. I am finding movies to watch that are fun and inspiring. Last night we watched “Frozen 2.” It was well worth the 4.99 it cost us to download.

These are just some of the basic ways to build your immune system army during this challenging time. It’s not too late, even if you’ve never taken care of yourself in this way before. Just start with one thing and build from there. You have Divine Intuition which will lead you to your best way.

I invite us all to take a deep breath and center ourselves. There is a Power within us that is moving through this whole experience with us. We get to use it by embracing it and turning to it. It has not deserted us. It is not punishing us. It is the Divine Presence and it is only Love. We can feel it when we center in our heart and really listen.

Please never forget how magnificent you are and how much you are loved right now.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita


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