Are You Ready to Decide?

Making a decision is the first step in manifesting anything in our lives. But, how do we make a decision? Many people ask this question. I understand that decisions can come from various places. A decision can come from our ego. It can come from what other people want us to do. A decision can come from looking at the facts in front of us and then deciding what we think is possible.

If our comes from our ego more than likely we are using willpower to make a change in our life. We aren’t inspired; we just want it now. If a decision comes from what we think others want us to do, we will eventually come to regret the decision because it is based in “shoulds.” If a decision comes from looking at the facts in front of us, more than likely it will be a limited decision.

I have a friend who decided to take a cross country trip now during COVID 19. Many advised her not to, but she had already decided that this was what she wanted to experience. She was passionate and sure about it. She is having a grand adventure, even though she has had to maneuver herself safely through the current situation. Her decision was solid and the Universe complied with her claim.

Just like my friend’s decision, a true decision comes from a place of inspiration. You know what you know and whatever that experience is, you must go forward. You still might experience some fear or uncomfortableness, but still you know you must go forward. My friend had quite a bit of uncomfortableness, but still she continued.

Once you make a true decision, something that seems like magic happens. Things begin to fall into place. Sychronicities occur. When you do encounter an obstacle, you are not disturbed by it. You simply move through it and turn directions if necessary. My friend had plenty of obstacles, but she turned them into opportunities.

A true decision is alike an acorn. The whole forest or demonstration is within it. Perhaps you remember the Bible passage when Jesus spoke about having the faith of a mustard seed. A tiny mustard seed has all the ingredients for a huge mustard bush. That’s the kind of power our decision made with faith has.

I know, for myself, that the times I have stated that I was having difficulty making a decision were times I was just procrastinating. For some reason, I was waiting for something outside of myself to show up before I decided. Maybe it was money or someone’s approval or maybe I wanted the fear to go away. I know better now. The decision must come first.

This morning when I was in meditation, this knowing came very clearly to me regarding a decision I am making right now. I was waiting for something to tell me what the right decision was. My decision was poised in the air with a question mark “What should I do?” No, the question I had to answer is “what do I want?” This can be a difficult question because, perhaps, we are afraid we cannot have it. Again, this is because we are looking at outside conditions before stating our claim.

We are living in a time of uncertainty and the unknown. Given that we do not truly know what will occur in the world of conditions, it is more important than ever to sit quietly and make true decisions about our life. These decisions are not so much about what we want to do as they are about how we want to live, how we want to feel, and how we want to serve.

What are our greatest talents? The world needs those right now. It’s not about what we will get. We will be just fine if we live from our gifts, pouring them out into the world. Many people I know are making those kind of decisions right now. Jobs that they lost are forcing them into deciding in favor of the profession they always dreamed about, the one where their gifts shined. And, they are having success. In a sense, we are being forced to shine.

Every decision must come from our highest self, our highest consciousness. If we are to be successful, we have to let go of all conditions and move into the unknown with a certainty of our Divine Identity and Love and Passion to guide us. It is time to make a decision.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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